What to Watch Tonight!

What to Watch Tonight? By Ashley Schultz Social Media has not only become an outlet where political views are expressed or where baby pictures and cat videos can be posted; it has also become a way for people to share their favorite T.V. shows or movies. When I am done with a series on a […]

A Melting Pot of Comedy

A Melting Pot of Comedy   By Miriam R. Kramer     January is generally anticlimactic and dreary after the holidays, and the beginning of this year may feel particularly dreary in comparison with the ebullient atmosphere prevalent eight years ago. Yet it’s also a symbolic start. If we learn anything through reading about comedians’ […]

Publisher’s Notes

By Bob Tagert   In this New Year we will begin the 30th year of bringing the Old Town Crier to our readers. Our first issue debuted in January of 1988. A lot has changed since that first issue. Over the years we have expanded our distribution to other Old Towns in our region but […]

The Sushi Bar

By Bob Tagert   The Sushi Bar Now that the holidays are over and you have probably done your fair share of overindulging, we thought that we would take you to a place that serves “healthy” fare. We are shining the spot light on The Sushi Bar in Del Ray. When Mike Anderson opened his […]

Behind the Bar: Alexis Von Schoening

Alexis is behind the bar Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings.     Alexis Von Schoening Don Taco Tequila Bar 808 King Street Old Town Alexandria 703-988-3144   How did you get started in the business?   The completely practical and simple answer to this question is the 2008 financial crisis. I helped support […]

The MGM Casino and Resort – It’s Grand!

By Lani Gering The MGM Casino and Resort – It’s Grand! The much anticipated opening of the latest addition to the National Harbor side of the Potomac River has come and gone! Traffic wasn’t half of the nightmare that was predicted – not to say that it didn’t impact late night commuters on opening night […]

Ray “Deak” Deakins

By Bob Tagert   Ray “Deak” Deakins An American Highlander   One of the fun things about owning this publication is all of the cool people that I have met and interviewed over the years. This month is no exception. When I attended the Christmas Parade in Little Washington, Virginia the beginning of December, I […]

Drink Something Magical Everyday- Grateful Juice Co.

By Lani Gering Drink Something Magical Everyday – Grateful Juice Co. Grateful Juice Co. is the brain child of Alexandrian, Kimberly Sickman Landini. Some of you may remember her from a profile that we did on her first business venture – Zweet Sport Athleisure Clothing Collection. She partnered with long-time friend and fellow athlete, Marja […]

Resolutions & Participation Trophies

By Julie Reardon Resolutions & Participation Trophies Every year, the Publisher asks us for our New Year’s resolutions. Since I don’t normally make them, I thought it might be fun to make just one for 2017. So this year, I think I’ll find someone or something to blame for every bad thing that happens in […]

How the South’s “Pirate” Helped Establish the U.S. Virgin Islands

By Jeff McCord   How the South’s “Pirate” Helped Establish the U.S. Virgin Islands   With the United States mainland more politically divided than at any time in recent memory, it’s interesting to look back at the impact of a real Civil War on the U.S. Virgin Islands. Most importantly, the adventures of Confederate naval […]