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What to Watch Tonight!

What to Watch Tonight?

By Ashley Schultz

Social Media has not only become an outlet where political views are expressed or where baby pictures and cat videos can be posted; it has also become a way for people to share their favorite T.V. shows or movies. When I am done with a series on a streaming service, I often post, “ Suggestions? What is a good series or movie to watch?” Often I am given some of the same popular shows; I usually watch one or more of them, and then are able to have in depth discussions with others on the plot of the show. There have been several shows this year that have caused uproar on social media! Here we will overview the biggest shows that were talked about online in 2016.


Stranger Things: Netflix got this recipe right! The show appealed to the “Goonies” crowd by casting actors that were relatable and genuine. 80’s vibe helped as well. Moreover, sheds a light on the children that are out casted for their imaginations. Meanwhile, gives a rollercoaster ride of emotions of family angst and passion for those you love. Meanwhile, dealing with a “Demogorgon.”


The Walking Dead: We lost some of our favorite characters this season. We lost them in a very brutal manner. How will we cope? Facebook and Twitter were in an uproar when the seasoned opened. If you didn’t see the season premiere, social media sure let you know.


Black Mirror: Black Mirror was another one of many British shows that was commissioned by Netflix because of its dark and satirical feel. According to the creator Charlie Booker, “each episode has a different cast, a different setting, even a different reality. But they’re all about the way we live now – and the way we might be living in 10 minutes’ time if we’re clumsy.” This enabled a discussion for social media users and viewers of the show to discuss issues that probably wouldn’t be brought up in everyday conversation.


Social Media has allowed us to connect to others that enjoy shows and realms as the shows discussed provide. These shows, over the past year, have brought people from all over the world together. Whether it was crying over your favorite character dying, or realizing that you were one of those kids trying to fight the Demogorgon, with Social Media, you always were able to find someone feeling the same way.

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