Veterans Day and D.C.’s Memorials

By Bob Tagert   Veterans Day and D.C.’s Memorials   This month we decided it would be a great opportunity to revisit the war memorials and military memorials in our Nations Capital area. The crisp fall is perfect for a brisk walk around D.C. and most of the tourists are gone or certainly in smaller […]

On the Road

Old Town Crier loyal reader and friend, Charlie Lanham, visited Eyre Square in Ireland where JFK made his famous speech in June of 1963 just 5 months before his assassination. The flags in the background represent the original 14 tribes of Galway which were merchant families that dominated trade with Europe in the 1600’s. After […]

Chef Edward Lee

By Chester Simpson Chef Edward Lee Succotash Restaurant 186 Waterfront St. National Harbor (301) 567-8900 Chef Edward Lee is a Brooklyn-born chef and restaurateur currently based in Louisville, Kentucky. He has been a multiple finalist for the James Beard Foundation Best Chef Southeast. He has made numerous television appearances on shows including season 3 […]

Fall and Fitness

Fall and Fitness By Nicole Flanagan With fall comes brisk mornings, followed by cooler days, and not to mention the beautiful foliage and delicious fall foods. Now is the time to get that workout into your schedule so that it becomes part of your routine before things get hectic for the holidays. Here are just […]

Fit Ball Leg Curl

By Ryan Unverzagt This month’s exercise is the FitBall Leg Curl. This exercise focuses on the hamstrings, but also involves the glutes, low-back, and spinal extensor muscles. Begin by lying flat on your back with your legs straight. Position the center of the FitBall underneath your heels. Lift the hips up by contracting your glutes […]

“The Last Waltz”

By Chester Simpson “The Last Waltz” “We wanted it to be more than a final concert. We wanted it to be a celebration.” -Robbie Robertson Thanksgiving Day – November 25th – will mark the 40th Anniversary of “The Last Waltz” concert that happened in 1976 at Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco. The Last Waltz was […]

Growing Citrus Indoors

Growing Citrus Indoors It seems every year we get the shipment of limes and Meyers lemons into the garden center and folks go into a buying frenzy. And you know what? They have every right to do so. There is nothing like a fresh picked lime or lemon to use in food preparation or making […]

2016: A Year for Making Room

By Peggie Arvidson 2016 : A year for Making Room 2016 is finally winding down and what a year it’s been! I like November for the opportunity to look back at what’s happened so I can start to plan my new year with new wishes, dreams and goals. I say thanks for what’s come along […]

East Coast Internet Outage…Yikes!

By Ashley Schultz Were you not able to access some popular sites on October 21st? Many sites were unavailable for usage due to a cyber attack. These sites included Amazon, Spotify, Twitter, Netflix, and PayPal. This attack is known as an DDos attack. What is DDos? Distributed Denial of Service, it is an attack when […]

Dealing with end of life decisions

By Sarah Liu & Cindy McGovern Dealing with end of life decisions If a basic principle of medicine is “First, do no harm,” then a basic principle of pet ownership may be, “First, don’t let them suffer.” Knowing if and when to consider euthanasia for an ill or elderly pet is one of the most […]