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2016: A Year for Making Room

By Peggie Arvidson

2016 : A year for Making Room

2016 is finally winding down and what a year it’s been! I like November for the opportunity to look back at what’s happened so I can start to plan my new year with new wishes, dreams and goals. I say thanks for what’s come along in the year to teach me to be a more loving person. I say good riddance to some learning opportunities that I’m glad are over (can you say Presidential Election Politics?)

This year has taught me that I’m stronger than I thought. Some of you may know that my husband, two dogs and I moved across the country to sunny Tucson at the end of the summer. (I highly recommend Tucson but not necessarily during monsoon season!) That process taught me so much about trust. At least once a week leading up to the move I panicked – afraid of making a huge mistake by leaving everything I’ve known for the past 50 years to start over again in a foreign territory. Hindsight being what it is – I couldn’t be happier with the move and even with the hiccups along the way, I’m still certain that following my inner knowing and not my ego’s fears pointed me in the right direction.

Personally, it’s easy to see that 2016 was a year of letting go, breaking down and starting over, but you’ve probably had a share of that too. 2016 was a universal 9 year in numerology. That means everyone in the entire world has dealt with some level of loss, breaking down and big change. Depending on what your personal year was it may have been more or less profound. No doubt you mourned along with the world at the loss of some major icons of movies, TV and music. Go ahead google “celebrity deaths in 2016” and take a gander.

It’s not all about celebrities though; in “9” years we tend to face personal losses on a greater scale – this year my friends have lost parents, siblings, jobs, grandparents and beloved pets. They moved across the country or around the world and they quit jobs and sold businesses that they thought they’d keep forever. Yes. I agree these things happen every year but not with the intensity that’s happened this year. If you’ve managed to make it through the year without a major upheaval in or around your life, I’d love to talk!

As we go from October to January we’re in a veil period as we transition out of the year of 9 to the year of 1. This is the perfect time to look back on what’s come to a head. When you are in a personal Nine year it is a great time to review the previous 9 years and what’s been completed that you set in motion in 2007. In a Universal 9 year you may want to reflect on how your world has grown, expanded or changed from 2007 to today. This can be the world around you in your community and your family as well as the world and planet at large. What experiences have you had as a member of society that have changed your view?

Before the New Year begins, give yourself a couple of months to reflect on what you may be holding onto that no longer serves you. Are you dealing with a toxic relationship or two because you look nostalgically at how it was in the beginning? Did you know you were outgrowing your job as long ago as 2007 but are holding because of a fear of not being certain about what comes next?

Whether you’re holding tight to a relationship, wardrobe, career or even dream that no longer serves you, see if you can give yourself permission to let it go before the year comes to an end. When you create space you’re more likely to bring inn what you want in your life than if you try to cram it in with everything else taking up mental, emotional and spiritual bandwidth. Clear your shelves of books that don’t serve you any longer! Turn down dates that you would normally accept just “because” and let go of limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in a rut! These are your opportunities in a 9 year!

As you prepare to enter into a Universal 1 year, make sure there is plenty of room to begin a new cycle of life experiences. You’ll notice the world around you going in new and perhaps perplexing direction – but trust that the gift of the coming year is a world-wide opportunity to see the world with new eyes. As a member of the world during Universal 1 year, you are asked to be open to change and go forth for the good of all! Open your mind to new ways of being and see what happens.

Just a quick reminder your personal year may be different from the Universal year. To find your personal year add together the month and day of your birthday with the year 2017 and reduce it to a single digit. For instance if your birthday is July 7, your incoming personal year will be 7 + 7 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 24. To reduce 24 you will add 2 + 4 = 6. 6 will be the personal year in 2017 for a person born on July 7.

As you celebrate Thanksgiving, take time to let the past go gently so you can make room for the new!

Peggie Arvidson is a mentor who uses ancient and modern tools to help people clear blocks that keep them stuck so they can truly live in prosperity, joy, and peace.

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