On The Road

Alexandria resident Bob Steciuk is too interested in the October issue of the Old Town Crier to take a look around in Savannah, Georgia. He would have seen beautiful blue skies, an enormous canopy of interlocking trees laden with mysterious Spanish moss, and an elegant maze of Old South perfectly preserved plazas.   Alexandria resident Maggie […]

How Might Rising Interest Rates Affect Your Stock Investments

Carl M. Trevisan Managing Director-Investments Wells Fargo Advisors   Stephen M. Bearce First Vice President-Investments Wells Fargo Advisors   The Fed will eventually raise interest rates. What might this mean for stocks?   History paints a picture of the effect that rising interest rates have had on the stock market in the past. Be prepared […]

Old Town Windows and Doors

By Bob Tagert   Old Town Windows and Doors   This month’s Business Profile is about a relative newcomer to Old Town, but one who brings a wealth of knowledge and energy to our fair city. Gary Natovitz, already successful in business, decided to work with the best and begin to sell windows and doors. […]

By the Numbers

By Julie Reardon   Why yes—at the moment there are more farm animals than people in Fauquier County, and that used to be the case in Loudoun County as well. However, our neighbor to the north has been steadily losing farmland and farm animals as it’s had the dubious distinction of ranking at or near […]

Happy New Year, More or Less

By Lori Welch Brown I haven’t been a fun person to be around lately. I’ve been whiny, moody, impatient, scattered, exhausted, manic, indecisive, FEEL FREE TO STOP ME ANY TIME. Okay—so I’m a horrible, evil person and I should probably be hanged in Market Square. Or—maybe instead I should work out, cut back on the […]

The History of Human Trafficking

By Sarah Becker Human slavery did not end with the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863. Today human trafficking is a $32 billion-a-year industry. “Money should be able to buy a lot of things, but it should never, ever be able to buy another human being,” Secretary of State, former Boston-area Prosecutor John F. Kerry noted. By […]