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By Peggie Arvidson

Palmistry is so often seen as the realm of fortune-tellers and charlatans that most people don’t think there would be any purpose in having a reading. That’s a rather short-sighted vision. Below I share 7 of the most common ways you can use palmistry in your daily life.

  1. To set your daily intention.  When I wake up in the morning I spend a few minutes looking at my hands before I settle into my meditation. I note anything that stands out to me and I focus on that. With even the most basic understanding of hands you can find something in your own hand to meditate on. If you notice your first finger is throbbing when you wake up you’ll have information to use to set your intention for the day (perhaps to help you see where you can release tension in your leadership roles!) When you understand the basic geography of the hand you can use that information each morning and evening to review your day in a new perspective. In the example I just gave a throbbing first finger is about power and leadership, because the first finger, also known as Jupiter, is in the zone of power.
  2. To check in on your body awareness. Looking at your life line can help you determine how grounded you are in your daily life. If you’re feeling less than present and your life line is mimicking that you have the tools to re-center and balance your physical and spiritual sides throughout your day.  Your life line begins between your thumb and your index (Jupiter) finger and runs around the base of the thumb. Long or short is not indicative of the length of your life, but the depth and connectedness of the line can give you insight about how well you’re caring for your body at this very moment. Breaks or hash marks can indicate areas where you’re in need of more self-care. Remember, caring for yourself increases the quality of your life and makes it infinitely easier to care for others too.
  3. To make hiring decisions. Obviously you have to be up front with candidates about taking a look at their hands, but you can use a basic review of a job candidate’s hands to highlight their strengths and challenges (regardless of how they answer your questions in the interview). By reading their hands you’ll see where they are likely to drive you crazy and where they are likely to help you look good. As their boss or hiring manager you’ll have the insight to help them excel on the job by paying attention to areas where they may need some extra help. Hiring by hand is also a great way to build your team into a cohesive working unit, instead of other personality assessments that are often subject to the candidate’s personal opinion of themselves, you can have an objective look at what their hands show as their strengths and weaknesses. From there you have the information you need to build your team and enhance communication.
  4. To establish positive communication with your kids. When you read your child’s hands you’re looking beyond the scripts you have set up together as parent and child and seeing them as a complete being with needs, goals and expectations separate from yours. You’ll be able to help them address challenges in ways that speak to their hard-wiring and use this information to avoid inadvertently hurting their feelings.
  5. To identify your perfect clients. Your clients will have similar struggles to yours and they want help with those challenges now! That’s a given when it comes to creating programs and services in your business. But did you know that simply having the same challenges doesn’t mean that they are all going to respond to your offer or solution?  It’s about their hard-wiring and you can hone in on that by reading and understanding your own hard-wiring – through the message in your hands. In other words, instead of crafting your marketing based on some marketing guru’s script, you can create marketing hand-picked for you and your perfect clients.
  6. To break the pattern of heartbreak and heartache. When you understand your challenge markers and your wisdom and gift markers combined with the message in your hands you have the tools to address the repetitive challenges you’ve had in love. Using the tools helps you step into your best self and with consistency, can help you attract your desired, loving relationship.
  7. To heal your relationship with money. Whether you’ve been consistently underpaid or underemployed or unhappy in your job or with your financial savvy, your hands hold a map to clearing up the mess, and stepping forward into work that is fulfilling and financially satisfying.

These are just 7 ways that palmistry can help you in the real world – imagine what you could do with this knowledge!


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