Pets of the Month – July 2015



Banjo (A063684): Howdy, y’all! We’d like to tell you a little bit about our great friend named Banjo. Banjo is a neutered male Beagle, estimated to be about four years old. Usually you’ll see him with a wagging tail and a toy hanging out of his mouth because he LOVES to play! Banjo promises that if you welcome him into your home, he’ll fill your life with happiness and your house with the music of his squeaker toys. If you’re looking for a dog sweeter than southern tea who will make every day feel like a holiday, come adopt Banjo today! “Thanks to a generous sponsor, Banjo’s adoption fees have been paid!”




McGonagall (A063949): Have you met McGonagall? McGonagall is a spayed female Domestic Shorthair, estimated to be about three years old. She, along with seven other cats, has quite a unique story to tell. They were discovered by a Good Samaritan who heard meows coming from an abandoned U-Haul, and then were brought to the shelter by one of our Animal Services Officers. Since then, all of the cats have made dramatic transformations! McGonagall sometimes needs a moment to warm up to strangers, but she is a lovely cat who is wise beyond her years! Come take a chance on her and find out how magical she is!

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