December 2014 Magazine

Merry Christmas from the Harbor!

Seems like just yesterday that I was racking my brain about what I was going to include in the July Harbor column and now I sit here pulling out all of the holiday stuff! Those of you who have been reading this column on a regular basis know that I regained my Christmas spirit a […]

Mackie’s Bar & Grill – The New Kid On the Block

This month we visited one of Old Town’s newest restaurants, Mackie’s Bar & Grill at 907 King Street. Located in the space that housed Layla’s for the past several years, this is a welcome new addition to the Old Town dining scene. Mackie’s is the dream child of Sang Lee and his wife Susanne Mackie […]

Publisher’s Notes

Well here we are at the end of another year. The end of 2014 means that we have been printing the Old Town Crier for twenty seven years or 324 monthly issues. That is pretty impressive that we never had a business plan or any large investment money or start up money. We paid our […]

December Greetings and Marketing Words of Wisdom

Last month I wrote about the importance of giving thanks to your customers, family, and friends. This month I want to discuss the importance of inspirations and beliefs. When it comes to marketing, the key to any successful campaign is to truly believe in the product or service that you are providing. When you believe […]

Frank Solivan: Musician, Husband, Hunter, and Fisherman

As I sat down to begin writing this month’s personality profile, I sat for a long time without typing. I found myself remembering my conversation with Frank Solivan and I promptly became stumped wondering where do you begin when one man has done so much? How do you begin to give life to a man […]

Granite Heights Winery: A True Labor of Love

Located on a 225 acre farm in Fauquier County, Granite Heights Winery specializes in small batch wine production, honey from the farm’s own beehives and exceptional jams from its’ orchard. Owners Luke and Toni Kilyk believe that their homegrown products and handcrafted wines reflect the personal care and devotion they have put into the winery […]

Christmas Trees – Real or Artificial?

Real or fake? This year, we’ll put up a small artificial tree for Christmas. Part of me cringes internally, remembering Mom’s scathing comments about fake trees and the kind of people who had them when we were growing up. Nice people didn’t use those tawdry things; they put up real trees that the family went […]

Enchanting St. Thomas

Though it’s only 32 square miles in size, St. Thomas has a million miles worth of things to do. Go shopping and sailing, snorkeling and sightseeing, or diving and dining. Enjoy the island’s world-renowned golf course, picture-perfect beaches and spectacular nightlife. Take the Skyride 700 feet above the city or climb the famous 99 Steps […]

Sex and the Civil War

CIVIL DISCOURSE, DECEMBER 1864 L.P. Hartley once wrote: “The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.” And so it is with the Civil War and American sexual morality during the 1860’s. Things we outlaw, they tolerated. Things we tolerate, they regarded as monstrous crimes. Start with the notion that Americans in the […]