Notes from the Publisher

Publisher’s Notes

Well here we are at the end of another year. The end of 2014 means that we have been printing the Old Town Crier for twenty seven years or 324 monthly issues. That is pretty impressive that we never had a business plan or any large investment money or start up money. We paid our first printing bill on a credit card and have made it from there to here. Not to say there have not been some bumps and hard knocks on the road but we never missed an issue.

If it were not for the folks who have worked with us as vendors, writers, photographers and so much more, we would have never made it. The people who we most need to thank are those advertisers who, in a few cases, have been with us 27 years every step of the way. To all of our advertisers who have supported us and supported Alexandria, we thank you!

Maybe we started here in Old Town, but today the Old Town Crier is a regional magazine entertaining people in three states and even the Caribbean. To those of you who have never been to Alexandria, I invite you to come and visit our quaint but alive and kicking town. December 6th marks the annual Scottish Christmas Walk and boat parade of lights. This is an exciting time to be in Alexandria. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season…and thanks again to all of our family and friends!

Written by: Bob Tagert

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