Old Town Crier – October Pets of the Month

Alice and Boppity

Boppity and Alice

Boppity and Alice

Alice is a beautiful white bunny with the most adorable gray ears! Alice came to the AWLA from the Humane Society of the United States, she travelled a long way to get here to find a better life and a forever home. Alice was living in a pen in our cat room and her neighbor Boppity was in a pen next door. One morning, staff came in and found that Boppity had hopped over his pen and hopped into Alices to be closer to her! Don’t worry, Alice is spayed and Boppity is neutered! We put Boppity back in his pen and staff continued to find them together. We decided that this was true love and left Alice and Boppity to be together forever! Alice has come out of her shell since Boppity has entered her life and enjoys pets and people’s company! Since Alice and Boppity are soulmates they must be adopted together!





This people-oriented girl adores affection and will quickly become your devoted best friend! When Honey’s not busy soaking up love, she enjoys playing with stuffed toys and working on her commands like ‘sit’ and ‘down’. She is very intelligent and enjoys learning new tricks. Honey would do very well in a family environment, but would prefer a home where she was the only dog. She does fine with smaller dogs, but can be wary of dogs that are larger than her. Honey would be so grateful for a person of her very own to love. Could you be the one this brown-eyed girl has been waiting to meet?


King Street Cats Adoption Calendar for October 2014

For details please see our Website: www.kingstreetcats.org
Or contact us via email at: contact@kingstreetcats.org


King Street Cats
25 Dove Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
Every Saturday and Sunday from 1.30pm-4.30pm


Pro Feed
Bradlee Shopping Center, 3690 King St, Alexandria, VA 22302
Every Saturday and Sunday from 1pm-4pm


Petco Unleashed
1101 S Joyce St, Arlington, VA 22202
Saturday, October 4 and Saturday, October 18 and Sunday, October 19 from 1pm-4pm


2772 S Arlington Mill Dr, Arlington VA, VA 22206
Sunday, October 12 from 1pm-4pm


Willston Shopping Center, 6100 Arlington Blvd, Falls Church, VA 22044
Sunday, October 26 from 1pm-4pm


King Street Cats is looking for foster homes! You provide the spare room and TLC and we can provide food, litter and all vetting. Please email for our Kitten Fostering FAQ at: contact@kingstreetcats.org

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