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Publisher’s Notes May 2014

Bob Tagert
Bob Tagert

Two hundred years ago America declared war on the British and the War of 1812 was underway. Although the war ended at Fort McHenry in Baltimore, it began in southern Maryland along the shores of Calvert and St. Mary’s counties.  In February 1813, the British Navy blockaded the Chesapeake Bay.  On shallow barges the British carried troops ashore to plunder and destroy.  The British landed at Newtowne Neck at the mouth of Breton Bay and proceeded to march toward Leonardtown.  An estimated 1,500 Royal British Marines invaded the town whose population numbered only three hundred and twenty-three.  After plundering houses and shops they turned their attention to the stately courthouse.  Mrs. Janet Thompson and Miss Eliza Key saved the courthouse from destruction by claiming it was used as a church as well as the seat of local government.  Perhaps the saving of the courthouse was due more to the ladies’ charms of persuasion than to its asserted religious function.

Next month our history writer, Sarah Becker, will entertain us with the complete history of the War of 1812.  On June 6-8, Leonardtown, Maryland will be hosting the Raiders and Invaders weekend.  This will be fun for everyone.  For more information check their ad on the inside back cover of this issue.  There will also be a reenactment later in June at Jefferson-Patterson Park on the Patuxent River.

With warm weather finally here, we took our “Road Trip” to the beaches of Southern Delaware. Miles of dunes and deserted beaches can be found.  Since April of 2011 we have been following the Civil War each month and since those first days at Fort Sumter, Doug Coleman now brings us to the turning point of the conflict.  Local resident and soprano Arianna Zukerman is our Personality Profile while our Business Profile reviews 30 years of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms and don’t forget our vets this Memorial Day.

Written by: Bob Tagert

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