Get A Grip!

The Grip Weeds: Inner Grooves For over a quarter century, one of rock’s best kept secrets has been The Grip Weeds.  Over the course of five albums, the Grips have mastered the art of the perfect power-pop record, to the point that they sound like the inventors of the genre.  Listening to the Grip Weeds […]

Under the Black Flag: Massacre at Fort Pillow

An ugly fact of the Civil War is that the Confederate army on several occasions refused to accept the surrender of uniformed colored troops.  At least three such incidents occurred in 1864: Fort Pillow in April, the Crater in June, and Saltville in October. In the spring of 1864, legendary cavalryman Nathan Bedford Forrest and […]

First Blush – April

There are few cultures whose women garner more attention than the sexy, moody, natural nonchalance of French women. Perfectly imperfect locks, fresh, minimal makeup, luminescent skin, and an almost military-strict skin care routine that is as French as brie and Beaujolais all combine to create the alluring mystique of the femme fatale. It’s a disciplined lifestyle that […]

Woodrow Wilson – 28th President

Thomas Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the United States, was a child of the Civil War; a pacifist who led his country into WWI, a domestic reformer who failed to fully implement the post-war League of Nations.  Tommy was born December 28, 1856 in Staunton, Virginia, the Scotch-Irish son of Presbyterian minister Joseph Ruggles Wilson […]

Free on Friday

After guiding full time for 15 years, some clients become very good friends. In February I lost one of those friends. Arvid Knutsen always made me laugh. Sometimes I would fall to the deck laughing so hard. His was a self-deprecating humor. Booking his first trip with me many years ago, he told me he […]

Offline Data meets Online Marketing Campaigns

As the first quarter of 2014 comes to an end and we move into the spring fever months of marketing, there has been a rise in the popular trend of using offline data to finely tune an online campaign. Offline data can be defined as any information that is gleaned about an individual while they […]

Don’t Jerk Me Around!

With the nicer weather on the way, you may be looking forward to longer walks with your dog, enjoying the blossoming trees, warmer breezes, and blue skies along the Potomac.  But what if your dog is one of those leash-pullers?  One of those who makes walks miserable because he’s pulling so hard on the leash […]

Family Foundations: Building a Rich Philanthropic Legacy

Callout: Both the donor and the foundation avoid potentially steep capital gains taxes on appreciated assets, as long as the assets are used for the purposes for which the foundation was established. If charity is important to you and you want to build a philanthropic legacy, then starting a family foundation may prove beneficial. A […]

From the Trainer – April

Welcome back to another edition of From the Trainer! April is my favorite month for a number of reasons. My mom, grandma, aunt, uncle, a few close friends, and I were born this month which calls for many celebrations. April also means that spring is here! I don’t want to jinx anything, especially the way […]

River Bend Bistro & Wine Bar: A Modern Neighborhood Spot

River Bend Bistro & Wine Bar: A Modern Neighborhood Spot 7966 Fort Hunt Road Hollin Hall Shopping Center 703-347-7545 ”Since opening last fall owner Bill Ross and executive chef Caroline Bruder Ross have worked diligently to bring diners in Fort Hunt a fulfilled dinning experience with their realistic approach to neighborhood dining.”   Atmosphere: […]