Season of Love for Pet Adoption!

Nicky: 2 year old black and tan German Shepard mix


Nicky is a bashful girl just waiting for a forever home where she can open up and be the loving dog that she is meant to be. A quirk that you might not be able to see in her picture is that one of her ears stands straight while the other one flops over! When she is truly interested and focused in on something, her little tan “eyebrows” raise up and that one ear will perk up while the other stays flopped! It’s truly an adorable sight to see. Nicky gets along with both cats and dogs and has had many a doggie play date during her stay at the AWLA. Nicky has won over the hearts of the staff at the AWLA, and if she’s given the chance…Nicky will surely steal right into your heart as well.

Farley: 5 year old Brown Tabby


I’m Farley! Nice to meet ya! I’m a big boy with a big heart looking for my forever home. I would just love to have my very own spot by a window, nice warm sun shining in…that would be sooo wonderful! I also love to play! Do you think you could give me a few fuzzy mice, maybe a laser toy and a wand toy to play with? I bet you’d love to watch me play! I love to jump around and show off my acrobatic skills! Oh and don’t forget to have a scratch post for me to stretch my toes out on. So come on by the shelter if you are looking for a best bud to spend your days with!

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