Publisher Notes February 2014

Brrr… I grew up in this area and I have never seen it so cold for so long.  I can remember back in the 1960’s that people would go ice skating on the Potomac River, but I haven’t seen that for years, and not even now. I am always amazed at the month of February.  […]

AVID Productions: Life in the Hot Seat

Avid [av·id] is defined as showing great enthusiasm and interest.  If ever was there was a company name that defined its owner, it is AVID Productions.  As the feature of this month’s business profile, I was fortunate enough to meet with Glenn Morel, owner and the man in the hot seat.  If Glenn offers as […]

3 Email Marketing Tips to Keep Your Emails Out of Spam!

When it comes to email marketing campaigns, there is nothing worse than sending out a thoughtfully crafted email, only to discover that it was promptly deleted or put in the spam file. To help keep your emails in the inbox and your business in front of your customers’ eyes, there are several strategies that you […]

Season of Love for Pet Adoption!

Nicky: 2 year old black and tan German Shepard mix Nicky is a bashful girl just waiting for a forever home where she can open up and be the loving dog that she is meant to be. A quirk that you might not be able to see in her picture is that one of her […]

A Tangled Web

Fishing line creates bird’s nests in reels. Line left in the water latches onto underwater objects including dock pilings, submerged trees and even sub aquatic vegetation, laying a trap for birds, boats and other water inhabitants. Under and above the water, line can last up to 600 years. As more anglers cut their losses, fishing […]


In the Second World War, as American naval power closed in on the Japanese home islands, the Japanese deployed Kamikaze aircraft to strike our ships.  Less famous was the Kaiten-class submarine – basically a manned torpedo tasked to steer itself into an American ship and self-detonate a 3400 pound warhead.  More than a hundred Kaitens […]

From The Trainer – February 2014

How are your fitness resolutions working out? It’s common by the second month that your well-intentioned lifestyle changes might be disintegrating earlier than anticipated. Don’t be discouraged if you find yourself less than enthusiastic. As I have mentioned in previous articles, find a reason to stay motivated. Make it personal. Something like, “I want to […]

Charles Houston & Brown

Negro attorney Charles Hamilton Houston’s colleagues, despite his death in 1950 at age 54, recognize him as the legal genius most responsible for racial integration.  His strategy was carefully created, “a protracted legal struggle based on the planned, deliberate prosecution of test cases.”  Houston’s legal team included former Howard University law students, black NAACP lawyers […]

Lake Anna Winery – Two Generations of Virginia Winemaking

In what may be an indicator of vitality of the Virginia wine industry, Lake Anna Winery is one of a growing number of second generation farm winery operations.  In Lake Anna’s case the second generation has been in charge for over a decade.  Such long term ownership provides a fuller understanding of not only the […]

Breaking Bad

Pink hearts, dark chocolate, red lace, and black thongs might not be in the cards this year since Mr. Right quickly put himself in the ‘Mr. Oh Hell No’ category after he passed out at your best friend’s New Year’s Eve soiree just after he threw up on your Jimmy Choos. Sure – it wasn’t […]