Fiona’s Irish Pub-Catch the Spirit!

With St. Patrick’s Day happening his month, we decided it was a good time to visit Fiona’s Irish Pub in Kingstown. Although only open for about a year, owner Martin White is no stranger to the restaurant business. White came to the States from his hometown of Dublin, Ireland in 1986. He got his start […]

Behind the Bar – Kelly McKernan

Kelly McKernan Fiona’s Irish Pub 5810 Kingstowne Center 703-888-3900 Kelly serves up a Guinness. She is behind the bar Tue. – Wed. 11am-5pm, Thurs. – Sat. 5pm-2am. How did you get started bartending? I was working as a retail manager and loved working with people but I didn’t like the pay. After work one […]

Martin White: Irishman, Restaurateur and Dad

Martin White is perhaps the nicest, most jovial, and craziest (more on this later) person that I have ever had the pleasure of interviewing. In his words he is “a little bit nuts.” In fact, you have to be just a little bit crazy to enter into a lifelong career as a restaurateur. But, before […]