Renaissance Man John Reardon

Nice Guys Finish First John Reardon is a throwback, a kind of “Renaissance man.” His aptitude for choosing niche entrepreneurial opportunities with start-up companies, combined with his compassion for helping children in need, have allowed him to make a positive impact on the Old Town Alexandria community for the past 14 years. However, John is […]

Flat Iron Steak & Saloon

As the saying goes…there’s a new sheriff in town…and that is the recently opened Flat Iron Steak & Saloon at 808 King Street here in Old Town Alexandria.  With a decidedly western theme, this new eatery is serving up locally sourced steaks as well as a variety of menu items. We decided that this would […]

Pets of the Month – June 2014

Sport Are you looking for the perfect small companion? If so, then Sport is the guy for you! Don’t let Sport’s age fool you, he is a spunky, energetic little man! He enjoys walks, playing outside and hanging out with his human friends! Sport would do well in any home environment and would love a […]

Arianna Zukerman: A Musical Force!

Arianna Zukerman is a musical force to be reckoned with; her performances have both amazed and brought listeners to tears throughout dozens of countries and countless venues. However, it is not just her ability as a soprano that has made her into a musical force, it is her industry experience, as well as the open […]

Success Grows Here!

While it may be hard to believe that spring is on its way with the weather whiplash the first part of 2014 has presented the East coast (or pretty much everywhere but California), it is safe to say the wait is over. We can finally look forward to the sunshine, warmer temperatures (for more than […]

Meshelle Armstrong – Funny, Fierce, & Fantastic!

This month the Old Town Crier has the pleasure of presenting a personality profile on the second half of the dynamic Armstrong Old Town Duo: Meshelle Armstrong. If you have ever been to Restaurant Eve, Eamonn’s A Dublin Chipper, or Society Fair, then you have seen Meshelle’s handiwork first hand whilst you enjoyed her husband […]

Martin White: Irishman, Restaurateur and Dad

Martin White is perhaps the nicest, most jovial, and craziest (more on this later) person that I have ever had the pleasure of interviewing. In his words he is “a little bit nuts.” In fact, you have to be just a little bit crazy to enter into a lifelong career as a restaurateur. But, before […]

Charles Houston & Brown

Negro attorney Charles Hamilton Houston’s colleagues, despite his death in 1950 at age 54, recognize him as the legal genius most responsible for racial integration.  His strategy was carefully created, “a protracted legal struggle based on the planned, deliberate prosecution of test cases.”  Houston’s legal team included former Howard University law students, black NAACP lawyers […]