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While it may be hard to believe that spring is on its way with the weather whiplash the first part of 2014 has presented the East coast (or pretty much everywhere but California), it is safe to say the wait is over. We can finally look forward to the sunshine, warmer temperatures (for more than one day at a time), and the opportunity to spend time outside doing the things we love.

At the top of many “To Do” lists is to revisit the garden.  Whether it be your love for homegrown produce, or you are competing with the neighbor down the street for best yard; at this point, your window boxes, gardens and general landscaping is screaming for some attention.

According to Ray Greenstreet, owner of Greenstreet Gardens, no one does gardening better than Alexandria and it is because we take such great pride in our homes and neighborhoods that we are able to live in such a beautiful area. Greenstreet Gardens is located at the coveted corner of West Braddock and King Street, and is the business we are spotlighting to help you prepare you for the seasons ahead.

Ray and Stacy Greenstreet, Proprietors

Having seen thousands of garden centers in his career, Ray knew a good opportunity when he saw it when he decided to expand from Maryland to join the Alexandria community.  He is committed to providing the best flowers, plants, and supplies to help beautify our neighborhoods, businesses, and homes. Ray has always had a green thumb, and grew up learning agriculture as a way of life.  While he will tell you there is still a lot to learn, he knows how to surround himself with a strong team and resources to help even the least experienced gardener find success.

Operating on the mantra, “success grows here”, Ray and his dedicated team (to include his wife and three kids) make it a priority to teach us how plants and flowers can improve our lives, and how to properly care for them so that you get the most bang for your buck. From a family of business owners and hard workers, Ray knows the importance of location and providing you, the customer, with what you really need.  Since opening the Alexandria location of Greenstreet Gardens he and his team of growers have gotten to know our go-to items, and have stocked the greenhouse and garden center to ensure the shopping experience is a success.

Always open to feedback and looking to improve, Ray makes it a priority to keep the bar high for himself and his team.  As a result, Greenstreet Gardens has become a destination spot, and Ray is honored to be part of the small business community in Alexandria.

The Greenstreet Growers make it a priority to be involved in the nearby communities and it is their goal to provide learning opportunities for kids and adults alike.  From composting and basic gardening workshops, to the well-known “Tomatomania” and annual spring and fall events, Ray and his team enjoy giving people the venue to get the next generation involved in agriculture.  (Please note, playing Farmville does not count as getting involved.  It is time to step away from the smart phone, tablet, or laptop and get outside!)

There are tons of events coming up at Greenstreet Gardens, from an Easter Egg Hunt to Family Day, to Earth Day; there is a lot to celebrate this year!  Be sure to visit Greenstreet Gardens online or drop by the store to learn about the upcoming opportunities to get involved.
1721 West Braddock Road
Alexandria, VA 22302

Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm
Sunday 8am-5pm

Written by: Elizabeth Jones

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