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Meet Bronte Sisters – Branwell, Charlotte & Emily

By Erin Shackelford

This month we need your help to find some very special adopters for 3 little, playful kittens. EmilyBranwell, and Charlotte (the final Bronte sister Anne has been adopted) are some of the sweetest, happiest, snuggliest kittens you could ever find. They will make wonderful companions — sure to provide their families with lots of entertainment and love.

Unfortunately, they have all been diagnosed with FeLV (or feline leukemia virus). It is a common disease in cats, and we suspect inherited from their mom. FeLV cannot be cured, but it’s not a death sentence. Cats diagnosed with FeLV can live whole and happy — symptom-free — lives. However, their lifespan is usually shorter. The average lifespan of an FeLV+ kitten is 2-3 years, but they can live longer! FeLV+ cats should not live with other cats who do not already have the disease, as the virus can be spread to other cats.

While we encourage you to consider adopt these siblings together, as long as they go to loving homes, they will be happy! All three are healthy and exuberant! They enjoy tasty Churus (wet cat treats), pipe cleaner toys, and feather wands. They’re just happy-go-lucky kittens! They deserve a chance to find homes and enjoy as much time as possible with a loving family. We know there are families out there for them!

If you’re interested in talking with our adoption and veterinary teams about caring for an FeLV+ cat, please email us at or call 703-746-4774.

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