Notes from the Publisher

Publishers Notes

By Bob Tagert

Well here it is, the middle of the year. It seems like only yesterday that we were just getting over the shortest day of the year and anticipating the days getting longer. After June 21st the days will begin to get shorter. How does time pass so quickly…am I watching it too closely? I guess that at a certain age these dates become the mile markers in life. I need to remind myself to just stay in the present.

Rather than reiterate what content lies within the issue – like I have for the last several years – I thought I would just let your fingers do the walking through the pages. I am very proud of the caliber of our contributing writers and their missives. It is hard to believe that we have six contributors that have been with us continuously for over 25 years – Steve Chaconas, Sarah Becker, Lenny Campello, Julie Reardon and Lori Welch Brown. That is dedication and along with all of our writers, our well rounded content reflects the “fruits of their labors”.

Speaking of writers, our Take Photos and Leave Footprints columnist, Scott Dicken, is taking a hiatus for a few months starting in July. He is making a big move and will be back on board when his life gets back to some semblance of normalcy! One goes, another comes on board. Welcome to Glenn Morel as he pens the Let’s Eat column.

Many of you have contacted us about the color in portions of the May issue. Our printer had a problem with the ink saturation and hopefully that will be corrected going forward. It was most apparent in the A Bit of History column penned by Sarah Becker – the oversaturation of the background of the column made it difficult to read. We apologize. Please be aware that you can always go to and read this article and any others in crisp clear light. If you missed the column, check it out online.

In June we celebrate Flag Day on the 14th and Father’s Day on the 18th. Flag Day is a good day to give Old Glory some love. If you are flying a flag that is tattered and faded, take it down and replace it. We all know that we should treat Dad like every day is Father’s Day but if you are lucky enough to still have yours around, give him some special love on the 18th!





As an aside, I offer my congratulations to my old rugby team – West Potomac Rugby Club – for continuing to play and help others learn for the last 60 years. Former and current players gathered at Cedar Knoll last month to celebrate with a 60th anniversary gala. There was a Young Boys vs. Old Boys game earlier that day at Gravely Point. Former players came from far and wide – we think the furthest was Belize. Today’s youth is the future of Rugby in America and Alexandria has developed an amazing program. This game was the legacy and what will pave the way into the future. Ruck On!

The Old Boys are in white!
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