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Pets of the Month

By Erin Shackleford

Sunny – We know you won’t be able to help falling in love with Sunny. This guy has become a staff and volunteer favorite for his bright and shiny disposition (and adorable under bite). He has attended many of our adoption events – all around town – but still hasn’t found the perfect family yet. Sunny loves playing with plush squeaky toys and dog puzzles. You have to keep the body and mind sharp, you know! Sunny would make an excellent low key companion for someone special.

Carmello – We’re not sure if Carmello has a suspicious mind or just likes to look at people suspiciously. Either way, his photos always crack us up! Carmello is a very sweet kitty, but he takes a little bit of time to warm up to new people. Sadly, this means he’s passed up for adoption too often at the shelter. Carmello would make an excellent steadfast companion if given the chance. He likes squeezable kitty treats, which make getting to know him a little easier. Once he knows you’re on the up and up, you’ll have a friend for life!

EnidShe ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog! And ain’t that the truth – Enid was DNA tested, and she’s 100% American Foxhound! This mature, calm lady is looking for a home where she can enjoy a laid back lifestyle. However, that doesn’t mean she’s not up for a sniff around town though – and this gal does love to follow her nose. Enid loves to explore her world via her olfactory senses. Her high-functioning nose is very helpful when sniffing out snacks. You can’t hide a pocketful of treats from this gal. Enid also enjoys basking in the sunlight and receiving pets. Ear rubs are probably her favorite.

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