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Springtime Make-Up….

By Kim Putens

Spring is finally here – a great time to pair back the layers of our beauty routines, and lighten our load. The big trend this spring is lighter make-up. Forget the heavy pigments and piled on high make-up from winter. This is the time to let your natural skin shine through.

The beauty trends for spring that we like look like a resurrection of the 60’s and 70’s – natural, ethereal, dewy and colorful. Barefaced, doe-eyed, and pale colors, reminiscent of Bridget Bardot, are flooding the beauty scene.

SKIN – Beautiful skin that looks like it has barely been touched is the trend. This is the time to throw out those heavy, matte foundations and make room for tinted moisturizers. Tinted moisturizers will give your skin a hydrated look with very little effort.  And, because they are lighter in weight, your skin won’t look like it’s been fitted with a mask of make-up.

It’s also time to let skin shine, but not sparkle. Shining with shimmer and glitter is not the objective. The key to this look is keeping the skin looking hydrated as though it’s glowing from within.  It’s best to look for products infused with mica that help to reflect natural light and make the skin glow. Also, a natural looking glow is one that is subtle and applied strategically either on the cheekbones or around the temples.

CHEEKS – Get cheeky this spring with a dab of dewiness. Simply add a little gloss or mica enriched moisturizer to the cheeks to make them glow. Do this while keeping the cheek color subtle, but fresh.  Look for barely-there colors of light pinks and peach tones. You can also give your cheeks a lift by adding cream bronzer below the cheekbone area. This will automatically turn up the emphasis on the illusion of high cheekbones. Look sun-kissed for spring too.  Try a light bronzer on the cheeks to do the trick.

EYES – With the promise of summer, the sun is shining even brighter and so are eye colors for this spring. The use of golden, bronze eye colors will make the eyes pop. Icy eye shadow colors applied with a wet brush will add some intensity to the look. Eyes this spring are not made up, but more demure with a hint of drama. Dramatic eyelashes with layers of mascara help to achieve this. Also, strategically placed eyeliner helps to solidify the look. By simply adding eyeliner of pale peach, followed by a thin line of black eyeliner along the lash line, eyes will give off the illusion of extended, longer lashes, without the fuss of actually applying lash extensions.

A holdover from fall is the fuller eyebrow. Put down your tweezers and give your eyebrows a break.  Allow your eyebrows to be full and natural. And, while full is in, unruly is not. So, keep those hairs tamed by trimming hairs that have gone rogue. And, to complete the look, brush eyebrows up & outward toward your temples to create one sleek line.

LIPS – Further inspired by the 60’s are nude lips. These are making a comeback this spring but with a modern update. Hints of lavender, metallic and pastel peach are glossed over nude lips for a fresh take on an old trend.

HAIR – Hairstyles are loose and natural as a compliment to this season’s makeup trends. Much of it is free and loose, but tame, not unruly and messy.  Hair trends for spring conjure up images of fairies and princesses of faraway lands. Popular for this spring is hair strands that are twisted and braided around the crown with the rest of the hair left loose. Also, put away your straightening irons and shears, long and wavy are in for spring.

For those looking for a little more structure, the classic French twist is making a comeback too.  The only difference is that it’s not stuffy and perfect, but loose and fresh. Leave wisps of hair out at the crown and at the nape of the neck for a more updated look.

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