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Pets of the Month – December 2022

By Gina Hardter


What does Nyla want for the holidays?  Well, besides a brand new family to call her own, she’d also like toys – lots of toys.  Stuffed toys, squeaky toys, balls, exercise toys – she’s a fan of the whole lot.  And she’s happy to teach you how to play with her toys as well, like how to throw the ball, then get it, then throw it again.  But most of all, Nyla would just like a dedicated human lap (or two or three or four) to call her own.  Could it be yours?  Learn more about Nyla by emailing or calling 703.746.4774 (opt. 2).

Meowy Cyrus

Meowy Cyrus has her eyes on the prize: Superstardom in her brand new home!  Meowy is a talented feline soloist who thinks she can go all the way to the Big Show with the help of her new family.  Oft-requested hits include “If I Just Had Breakfast, When Is Lunch?” and “Couch Cuddles 4 Life!”  Meowy has made human fans – or friends – young and old, and can’t wait to make her most dedicated fan club out of her new family.  If you’d like a ticket to the Meowy Cyrus experience, email her bookers at or call 703.746.4774, opt. 2 (no service charges apply).

Alaska and Moana

Best buds Alaska and Moana aren’t shy about expanding their crew!  When you roll with this twosome, expect to live the life: all the leafy greens you can chew, a plastic castle for chilling and of course, guinea pig “wheeeeeees” all the way home.  These lovely ladies are cheerful and social, made especially confident by their time together, and they would make the perfect addition to any family this holiday season.  Schedule time to meet them at or 703.746.4774 (opt. 2).

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