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The Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer

By Nicole Flanagan

Many people today are making the decision to include exercise as part of their healthy lifestyle. After all, it has been recognized that a balanced exercise program of cardio, strength and flexibility can help to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, manage weight, strengthen bones, improve sleep and make you look and feel great.  Beginning an exercise program should be fun and motivating. In order to keep up the good work a person should be seeing results and feeling great, right? For those who are new to exercise, starting a program can be a bit overwhelming.  If the last time you stepped foot in a gym was is PE class in high school it may be a good idea to hire a trainer just to get you started.

Personal Training today is much more available and much more affordable than it’s ever been. Many sports clubs even offer a free introductory lesson as part of a membership. Know that this is not always an actual personal training session, but more of an introduction to the facility and the equipment. For some, this may be all you want or need. At Old Town Sport and Health Club each new member receives a complimentary Smart Start with a certified Personal Trainer. During this one-hour session a personal trainer will conduct a full baseline assessment that includes a health questionnaire, body composition, movement analysis, health and lifestyle analysis and a discussion of long and short range fitness goals. The trainer will also talk a little bit about the importance of nutrition and show the new member how to use the equipment. This is a great way to get back to the gym and learn about new equipment and how to use it safely. One of the great benefits of having a certified Personal Trainer is that he or she will set up a personalized program that is designed to fit your lifestyle and goals. Some people do not have all day to spend in a gym, others have nothing but time. A personal trainer will be able to make a program that works no matter what your busy schedule holds. Most importantly your personal trainer will show you how to work out safely. The goal of beginning a workout program is to feel great and keep up the motivation. Your personal trainer will use your initial base line assessment of weight, blood pressure, and body fat measurements as the starting point for the exercise program, from which they will modify and record your progress.

Working with a trainer will make you accountable and keep you motivated. Results are generally just on the other side of your comfort zone and that extra push is what you need to get the results you want. Mixing up your program will help to speed up results and keep you from getting bored. The human body was meant to adapt to new things, therefore to keep your body from hitting that “plateau” you need to try new challenges.

To get exactly what you want, it is important that you choose the right fitness trainer. If you have a clear goal such as weight loss it would be advised to meet with your potential fitness trainer first to make sure he or she has the expertise in the area of diet and weight loss. Read testimonials and ask for a client case study. Experience and skills vary in the personal training and fitness industry, so by asking questions you should be made to feel more comfortable about using a particular fitness trainer. Not only does your fitness trainer need to be results orientated, it is important that you get along, especially if you are going to be spending some considerable time with them.

Depending on an individuals’ goals and budget, personal training works differently for everyone. You may be interested in using a personal trainer several times a week, or it might be more economical for to see your personal trainer once every other week. Either way, using a personal trainer with some form of regularity will give you clarity, support, motivation, consistency, information, structure and accountability.

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