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Submitted by Gina Hardter


What’s so spooky about Spock? Spock doesn’t ascribe to the theory that black cats are scary, and as a matter of fact, he thinks he might be the most hospitable houseguest you’ve ever had. Spock has already learned a variety of tricks for some delicious treats, and he’s ready to be your new feline friend not just for Halloween but for every howliday!



What’s Mckenzie dressing up as for Halloween? How about Your Best Friend! This couples costume includes a collar that has your name on it, a leash and a lot of toys for you both to play with. And just like that, you are both ready for any occasion, from trick-or-treating to a Halloween bash!


Lynn’s favorite part of the spooky season is trick-or-treating. Whether you are handing out carrots, apple slices, cucumbers or that Halloween classic – Timothy hay – Lynn has her tiny pumpkin bag at the ready for all the yummy snacks. Learn more about meeting Lynn and all of these adorable – and eerie – adoptables by emailing or calling 703.746.4774.

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