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Fall Beauty Trends

By Kimberly Putens

The trends for the season seem like a repeat of the trends from last fall. The themes are the same – bold, rich, 80’s inspired. The main difference is the extent to which the trends have skewed to garner attention and make a statement.

EYES:  Eyes are the focus this season. Wild eyes are the best way to describe them. The big trend are cat-like eyes made by drawing eyeliner past the corners of the eyes and out to the temples. Many may remember this look in the 80’s. However, what makes this more modern is it is paired with bold colors in shades of red, orange, violet and yellow. But, for a smoldering eye, hues of black, blue, brown or gunmetal still remain a trend.

Other wild trends for eyes this fall are glittery eyelids, blue eye shadow, and under-eye accents.  Glittery eyelids are paired with the cat inspired look. Blue eye shadow is making a comeback on its own without further amplification. It is also shown paired with cat-like eyeliner. Under-eye accents, inspired by Twiggy, are making a different appearance. This look is achieved by applying jeweled accents and extra long eyelashes to the lower lashes to create a wide-eyed and doe-eyed look.

BROWS:   If the eyes are the picture, think of the brows as the frame. And, framing these wild eyes is the key to being on point with this trend. This season, brows are well defined and well groomed. Groomed brows should not have a hair out of place. If bald spots exist, the groomed brow is drawn on and filled in to achieve perfection.

LIPS:  The look of lips this season can only be described as extreme – opposite ends of the spectrum. On one end of the spectrum are bold, red lips paired best with a subtle eye. On the other end are pale lips, which are a better pairing with this season’s wild eyes. The subtle lips have little to no color almost blending in with the one’s skin tone.

CHEEKS:  Quite simply, cheeks are rosy.  In some instances, the chiseled cheek look is making a quiet comeback. This is achieved by swooping check color along the cheekbone and up toward the temple.

NAILS:   While it is always wise to choose the color that best matches your skin tone, for those that are uber style conscious, knowing the trends can chart the course for the season. Shades of gray, beige and metallic gold and silver hit the runways with force this season as the newest trends for nails. Half-moon and reverse French manicure are also among the new trends. Older favorites such as intense reds and shades of black and navy are still very current.

HAIR:   Hair has taken on new heights and a new attitude. Up dos and buns are reaching for the sky.  These new dos conjure images of Spiderman leaping tall buildings at a single bound.   These up dos and buns are not all about structure and height. Many are disheveled and loose in an attempt to look like it was thrown up in a hurry and without much thought. Also trendy is wavy, long hair – seeming to be the antithesis to the up do look.  To get this trend right, the waves hit low, starting around and below ear-level.

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