Notes from the Publisher

Publishers Notes

By Bob Tagert

“It’s a Strange, Strange World We Live In, Master Jack”

This song was performed by Four Jacks and a Jill and released in 1967. There are a lot of us baby boomers walking around silently singing this song these days. Google it and listen along. Great lyrics.

Last month I was writing about the change in weather and as I write this, I will be damned if it isn’t going to be in the well below freezing over the next two days and now we are over 30 days into a war in Europe, gas prices are still high, and everyone on Facebook has become a war strategy expert with a minor in petroleum cost. It is truly a strange world!

While keeping one eye on Ukraine, we managed to get another Old Town Crier to the printer. The only thing about the weather that concerns me as I write this is the massive storm on the horizon – however, in the meantime we will focus on this month’s issue. This month our trek took us to a constant in our lives…the Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful Boardwalk Plaza Hotel in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Read about this peaceful spring destination in Road Trip. We stopped in at Mae’s Market & Cafe at 277 South Washington Street to get material for this months Business Profile. Our Dining Out destination returned us to Landini Brothers Restaurant, an Old Town original going back over 40 years. Winemaker Doug Fabbioli explains the art of barrel making in Exploring Virginia Wines. In From the Bay we get a look at one of the largest in-water sailboat show in America. Music aficionado Ron Powers writes of an enigma…G.H. Hat in his High Notes column. April brings us Earth Day and History, Sarah Becker explores Taking care of Mother Earth in her column. Let’s Get Crafty Tim Long discovers “God made beer because he loves us and wants us to be happy”. In Personality Profile learn about our own Scott Dicken. He is definitely a traveling man and he explains why Namibia is the ideal destination in Take Photos, Leave Footprints. With the worry of a full scale war in Europe and other troublesome things that I can’t control (see above) I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and then I read Open Space by Lori Welch Brown and now I’m counting my blessings.

By this time next month I may have the shorts out and thinking about working on the sailboat. April is a time of change…life begins again. Give Mother Earth some love this month, sail a Flying Scot out of Belle Haven Marina or rent a kayak. Visit a Virginia winery. The weather is warming. Get out and enjoy it.

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