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A Great Reason to Visit St. Barth in Early November

A Great Reason to Visit St. Barth in Early November

By Caribbean Journal Staff

A Great Reason to Visit St. Barth in Early November

Early November is one of the best times to visit the remarkable French Caribbean island of St Barth.

You won’t find the crowds of December and January, but the villas, hotels, restaurants and hotspots are open. Here’s all you need to know about where to stay on the island – and here’s how to get there

The weather is just about perfect, that unparalleled hybrid between summer heat and winter cool.

But there’s one particularly great reason to visit St Barth in November: the Caribbean Rum Awards (, set for Nov. 2-7, 2021 in St Barth.

Now in its fourth year, it’s an epic, week-long celebration of the greatest rums (and cigars) on earth, a gourmand’s delight that indulges in all of the things that make fine rum such a magical Caribbean product.

While it’s anchored by a panel of international judges testing the world’s leading bottles of rum, this is an event that’s really designed for travelers — a way to journey the Caribbean by sampling its finest gastronomic export.

Every day is filled with indulgent experiences — chances to try the rarest rum and rhum agricole; to explore the nexus between rum and cigars; and to embark on culinary odysseys in one of the world’s true culinary capitals.

Just imagine yourself in your WIMCO villa, sipping on rare aged rhum from Martinique, peering out at the bustle of Gustavia or the placid waves of Grand Cul de Sac, followed by an evening at the Caribbean’s most legendary rum bar for rum and Davidoffs.

Or imagine enjoying a multi-course pairing of molecular gastronomy and rum cocktails at the island’s buzzy eatery, the Quarter Kitchen and Cocktail Lab.

Whether you’re attending master classes from world-renowned rum companies like Rhum Neisson and Velier; sampling expressions and conversing with distillers at the Accutron Rum Expo; or watching top bartenders compete at the island-wide cocktail competition, it’s a week of seemingly never-ending gourmet experiences.

And it’s accessible — whether you’re a rum collector or simply want to get introduced to the world of fine Caribbean rum, you’re welcome here.

But most importantly, it’s not just a great week of rum — it’s a great week in St Barth, which, for the uninitiated, is as great a week as you can spend anywhere on earth.

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CJ’s Travelers’ Choice Awards 2021

It’s the largest community of experts on Caribbean travel anywhere: Caribbean Journal readers.

And now the Caribbean Journal Travelers’ Choice Awards are back, featuring the best of the Caribbean travel industry as voted by CJ readers.

Caribbean Journal’s editorial team of unmatched Caribbean travel authorities have nominated candidates in 20 different categories, from luxury hotels to meetings destinations to villa companies.

“This year’s CJ Travelers’ Choice Awards highlight properties, destinations and companies defined by excellence,” said Alexander Britell, editor and publisher of Caribbean Journal. “Our audience is an unparalleled community of the most frequent travelers to the Caribbean on the planet, and we’re so excited to give them a chance to celebrate their favorite places in the region.”

Voting has officially kicked off, running through the end of October; the winners will be announced on Nov. 15.

Voting is limited to one entry per person. For more visit and pull up Caribbean Travelers’ Choice Awards.


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