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All Is Quiet On the Harbor Front

By Lani Gering

All Is Quiet On the Harbor Front

I have been at a bit of a disadvantage in resourcing the subject matter for this month’s Harbor Section since I have spent the bulk of the last 6 weeks in Southern Maryland helping the Publisher with his knee replacement rehab. Sure, I’ve commuted a few times up to civilization to check on things on the home front but didn’t have an opportunity to spend any time in my old stomping grounds in the Harbor. That being said, I had to rely on the Harbor’s marketing people and their PR firm for input.

At the time of this writing, plans are being made for a big splash over the Memorial Day Weekend but nothing has been set in stone so…..your best bet is to keep checking with the harbor website ( and their Facebook page for updates on the scheduled events. In the meantime, you may want to take advantage of the good weather and smaller crowds during the month and check out the tribute to the military statues at the foot of American Way. This is a very popular photo op place in the Harbor and it will be packed with people waiting their turn during Memorial Day weekend.

I do know that the MawMaw Miller’s Kettle Corn tent will be set up in the Harbor for the season on May 1st! They will have their full range of kettle corn flavors and fresh lemonade shakers ready and waiting for you to pick up. The popcorn is made fresh as is the lemonade so it really is a treat. Be sure to try my favorite flavor – and the favorite of many others – “Sweet and Salty”!  MawMaw’s is part of the infamous Miller Farm’s Market. This area destination sells produce – and much more – and is located in Clinton, Maryland. Miller Farm’s has been a family operation for the last 142 (yes…one hundred and forty two) years. I am thinking that this family owned operation might just be worth a “Business Profile” in an upcoming issue. You can find MawMaw’s on the waterfront on weekends (weather permitting): Saturdays & Sundays 11 am – 7 pm.

Springtime sunny weather should be in full force this month and that makes for a good time to check out the water features available at the Harbor. In addition to the Water Taxi being back up and running there are some new aquatic opportunities at your disposal.

New this year are hydrobike water bikes. One of the newest water crazes, these bikes are non-polluting, easy to ride, lightweight safe and stable with 400 pounds of flotation. These may be enjoyed by ages 8 and up and are available from Boating in D.C. at National Harbor. The company also offers kayaks, paddleboards – with paddleboard lessons available – and the fun pedal boats in the shapes of swans and dragons.

The Freedom Boat Club is new this year and is a membership-only program where guests can rent a boat from one of their 250+ locations.  A boating license is required.  Maryland Yacht Charters has added an additional boat for National Harbor this season. Here, you can rent a boat with a captain for 2-4 hours and BYOB.

Last year, National Harbor introduced Monumental Boat Tours new two-person CraigCats. These are available along with a knowledgeable guide, in a separate boat, who provides history and exploration on a two-hour tour from National Harbor to Mount Vernon. Boaters will see Jones Point Lighthouse, Fort Washington, a lot of Potomac River wildlife and more.  Monumental Boat Tours opens on May 1.

Also new last year, and back this year, is Float Boat 360. This boat allows up to six friends and/or family to hop on for a fun-filled cruise. It comes with a boat operator. It allows guests to bring food and drinks. Float Boat 360 is now open Thursday – Sunday. Expanding to full schedule in June.

All of the boats and boating equipment are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between uses. Face masks are currently required while on the docks but may be removed by guests during tours. Guests are asked to book online to minimize contact. Reservations may be made on each boating operator’s website.

Don’t forget to give your Mom and little extra loving on the 9th and keep those in the military that have sacrificed their lives for our freedoms in your heart on the 31st.

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