Notes from the Publisher

Publishers Notes November 2020

Publishers Notes

The Publisher salutes Veteran’s Day with the bronze likeness General Dwight D. Eisenhower located on American Way in National Harbor.

As I write this I look out the window and realize that I need to get the leaf blower out and clean the sidewalk out front from the leaves that have fallen since I last blew the leaves away two days ago. Change is in the air. Elections are this month and the pandemic rages on. I think that I am actually looking forward to the first snowfall…something that will change the landscape with soft quiet.

Speaking of quiet, this month’s Road Trip brought us back to the quiet town of Berryville in the northern Shenandoah Valley. Our Personality Profile is about Jack Sharp and his Country Store. For this month’s Business Profile we visited Jackie Baily Labovitz in Sperryville, Virginia. In Take Photos/Leave Footprints Scott Dicken pairs personalities with travel destinations. Speaking of pairings, Matt Fitzsimmons teaches us about pairing Virginia wines with the correct dishes in Grapvine. With cooler weather approaching here it could be a good time to head to the Caribbean. In Caribbean Connection learn about some of the islands travel restrictions. In From the Bay learn about the role the beavers play in the Chesapeake watershed. If you are worried about putting on the pounds during this holiday season, check out From the Trainer for portion control.

I hope that everyone takes the opportunity to vote this year and more importantly, that your vote was counted. I do believe Virginia’s early voting eased the stress factor. By the time many of you may be reading this we will know what direction we are going. Let’s just hope is the right one.

We celebrate Veteran’s Day every November 11th. Please take the time to thank those who serve and protect us on a daily basis. I also wish all of you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. Large family gatherings may be few and far between this year but our love for one another is still very important. And remember…wear that mask. They are becoming fashionable.

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