Notes from the Publisher

Publisher’s Notes October 2020

Sipping a Wasmund’s Original Single Malt Whiskey at Copper Fox Distillery in Sperryville, VA. October is an excellent month to visit this location.

By Bob Tagert

It is now officially autumn and – like this year has run – as soon as Labor Day hit, the temperature dropped 40 degrees. It has stayed very pleasant with a few bouts of moisture generated by the hurricanes that hit the southern coast. With cool weather here and getting colder over the next few months, it may be a good time to head to St. Barth to attend the Caribbean’s Ultimate Rum Experience November 10-15. Check it out in Caribbean Connection. Also get the update on the BVI’s. Check out Doug Fabbioli’s article in Exploring Virginia Wines. The only category he missed was publisher in Cowboy Up. In Take Photos, Leave Footprints, Scott Dicken has rounded up some of the ways you can try and remain happy and healthy on vacation. Take his advice folks, he has been there, and done that. Lots of sun screen! In Open Space Lori Welch Brown puts into words what we have all been feeling as seen through her eyes. This is worth reading twice in these confused days. As you can tell by the cover, October is Virginia Wine Month. We have given you a double dose…Grapevine gives you a good idea of what to look forward, and what to expect this month in Wine Country. Our Road Trip takes you to a few of our favorite wineries and brings you back over the mountains. In Gallery Beat Lenny Campello sets the record straight, “my empirical experience had provided evidence that most people-at least when it comes to emerging artists-and collectors like to see (the art) it in person”. In From the Bay read about how Candida Garcia has lead the way for environmental action on the Chesapeake Bay. In Personality Profile see who screamed like a Banshee. If you were like me, I could fly in my dreams. I can’t…or I don’t any more…maybe age has grounded us all. In A Bit of History, Sarah Becker gets technical, and what a ride…From the Wright Brothers to Space X.

Halloween is just around the corner and it is going to be an unusual one for sure – I can’t wait to see what costumes this year’s current events inspire. At least we know most everyone will have a mask. Have yourself some fun and keep in mind that a new year is three short months away. In the meantime, wear your mask, wash your hands, keep your distance and get out and vote on November 3rd.

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