Featured Post, Notes from the Publisher

Publisher’s Notes August 2020

By Bob Tagert

Captain Bob at the Helm

I sure am glad that July is over. With a record of over 90 degree days, I am looking forward to a cooler month in August. Hopefully I will be able to get a little sailing in on the beautiful waters around Solomons Island, Maryland. Because of the July heat we decided to return to one of my favorite places when I was a kid for the Road Trip column…Skyline Drive in the glorious Shenandoah National Park. If you go, check out the Copper Fox Distillery ad in this issue and stock up on their fine whiskies when you drive through Sperryville. In Last Word Miriam Kramer treats us to her “grab bag of books” for summer reading. Included in this impressive list is Mary L. Trump’s book, Too Much and Never Enough, which smashed Simon & Schuster’s record for first day book sales. In these trying times Lori Welch Brown takes a look at the challenges of life through her grandmother’s eyes in Open Space. To go along with our Road Trip column, Matt Fitzsimmons explores the Shenandoah wine scene in Grapevine. It is a good educational romp through the vines! For those thinking about a visit to Africa, Scott Dicken begins a series of African trips starting off with budget friendly destinations in Take Photos, Leave Footprints. In Gallery Beat, Lenny Campello explores the options of artists in the future for displaying their wares. The Caribbean Connection gives us a glimpse of more islands lifting travel restrictions but they still have strict rules that you need to know.

Over the last dozen years it seems that August is a cooler month than July and I hope that holds true. I realized years ago that it was hotter in August than July when I went sailing. In recent years the opposite is true. Try to get out in the open spaces this month and stay cool but keep that mask handy and wash those hands.

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