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Wasting Time by The Mowgli’s 

By Ron Powers

Wasting Time by The Mowgli’s

I was going through the new release section of Spotify the other day and the art for a new single called “Wasting Time” caught my eye. The song is by Los Angeles based pop-rock band The Mowgli’s and it hooked me the instant I pressed play. I haven’t paid much attention to The Mowgli’s in the past but the power-pop fun of “Wasting Time” has made me a fast fan. Interestingly, “Wasting Time” is the second track The Mowgli’s have released since their former lead singer left the band. The song serves as strong evidence that the band’s appeal comes from something bigger than any one member. This band is a true collaboration and not just another one-man show.   

Vocalist/guitarist Josh Hogan is responsible for the basic idea of “Wasting Time”. According to Hogan, the melody hit him while he was out walking his dog. He quickly recorded the idea with his phone and later brought it to rehearsal where a friend of the band started playing chords under his voice recording. Hogan says the song came together quickly and practically wrote itself after that.

“Wasting Time” is about being stuck in the day-to-day rat race – something most everyone can relate to from time to time. The lyrics are made up of simple well-placed words that are easy to understand. This further adds to the song’s accessibility. We don’t need or want every band to be as innovative and experimental as Radiohead or Sigur Rós. That’s part of why I like The Mowgli’s. No one is asking you to overthink it. “Wasting Time” is a straightforward power pop-rocker that does not disappoint.

The song’s structure begins with a quick four-bar intro consisting of catchy vocals and ambient synth chords. These elements are run through an automated EQ filter which gradually swoops from low to high frequencies creating a gentle rising action into the first verse. Throughout the song we hear singer Josh Hogan deliver catchy and sweet melodies accompanied by aggressive hard toned drums and a pumping bassline that has an 80s plucked synth flavor. As the song progresses, a palm-muted guitar melody is introduced with a tight slap delay effect. This creates a playful tension that leads nicely into the songs ultra-catchy power chorus which is decked out with huge background vocals and big booming guitar/synth sounds.

The arrangement for “Wasting Time” further enriches its ability to connect with the everyday music lover. It has a classic structure, moving from verse to pre-chorus to chorus. The purpose of this song is to make people feel good. The Mowgli’s are not trying to reinvent the wheel. Thank goodness! You don’t have to strain to “get” this song. You just put it on and enjoy it. That’s it.

If you’d like to learn more about The Mowgli’s and stay up to date on tour announcements and new music, be sure to visit their website ( You can also find them on the various social media networks (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook). If you’d like to listen to their music you can find them on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and most of the other places digital music is streamed or sold.

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