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How to Check for Signs

By Peggie Arvidson

How to Check for Signs

Your intuition works when you set an intention, take action to make the intention real, AND release your attachment to the outcome.

This seems a little counter-intuitive, right?

Releasing your attachment to a specific outcome does not mean that you sit on the couch, watching reality TV for hours and just hope that your intention manifests. It’s not an excuse to let yourself off the hook when the intention doesn’t come through, rather it’s a state of being – that lets you hold the vision clearly and specifically, all the while believing that your outcome exists.

This is an important and often over-looked nuance when tapping into your intuition and noticing signs.

Addressing and making use of signs is a first step in the pursuit of stretching your intuitive muscle – and if you question whether or not your sign is just “wishful thinking,” read on.

It’s all about attachment to the outcome.

Are you struggling more than you need to earn what you’re worth?  Maybe you’re putting up with a less than stellar work situation, or stagnating with a direct marketing company or some other work-related issue which leaves you feeling worn out.

The good news of course is that you’re not alone and changing the situation is literally in your hands.

The really good news is that you can make a choice and decide to get out of the blech and into the flow of more fun and better times  and you can ask for Divine guidance and information about how to do it.  Really.

No one is more blessed or talented or worthy than you. Conversely no one is less blessed or worthy than you.  Here’s how to make a stand for your worth and trust the signs that you receive in the process:

  1. 1. Laser in on specifically what you want.  “More Money” or “Less Debt” doesn’t count. You have to specifically state what number you want. Do not get worked up over whether it’s the right or wrong number. No one but you has to feel it’s accuracy. So if you are determined to gain 500 dollars or 5000 dollars in the next week or month or quarter, it’s completely up to you.
  2. 2. Make sure the number is one you believe in.  It can be a stretch, but not so much of a stretch that your ego is shouting, “You may as well sit on the couch and eat bon-bons, because that shizz ain’t happening!”
  3. 3. Write that decision down. When you’re writing it down use a pen and paper rather than computer – it works to keep your body involved in this way.  As you’re writing pay attention to how you feel.
  4. 4. Write down how your choice makes you feel and how it feels to have that intention fulfilled. (If you think this doesn’t work, or you’ve heard it before, ask yourself honestly if you’ve actually put your all into this step in the past!)
  5. 5. Ask the Universe/God/Angels/Guides to give you clear and specific insight on what is the perfect next step to make this intention a reality.  Listen closely.  You may receive an idea out of the blue right away, or you may come up with an idea, get a picture in your mind or trip over a random note in the coming days or weeks.
  6. 6. It helps to be specific in your request for guidance, for instance, “Hello Guides, I’d like your assistance in manifesting this dollar amount by the 15th of this month.” Or “If you were me would you say now is a good time to launch my new 1-1 freelance coaching class?” Then ask, “can you send me a clear sign in the form of a red rose (or whatever sign speaks to YOU personally)?  Thank you so much for your help.  Oh and if there’s something else you want me to know, I’m open to receiving.”
  7. 7. Let it go.  Take steps each day to achieve your goal, but don’t attach yourself to any specific outcome or HOW that outcome should arrive.
  8. 8. If you have an emotional, heart-wrenching sense about the sign (or no sign) this is wishful thinking. For instance, if you’re secretly hoping that a red rose doesn’t arrive or your heart sinks when it does, the real sign is that you don’t want to create the product and do the launch, and therefore, it’s not actually the right idea or the right time.
  9. 9. On the other hand, if you are curious about what does or does not arrive in the form of your sign, what you do receive is, in fact, a sign!
  10. 10. Always remember you have free will in all areas of your life, including the way in which you earn money. Therefore spend some time each day reconnecting with your true desires and examine how your beliefs are creating the life you’re currently living.  Do this without judgment, simply observe.
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