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By Ron Powers


I found myself listening to a lot of EDM last year and thought it would be fun to end 2019 by telling you about the top five up-and-coming artists to watch out for in 2020. There is so much great music coming from the EDM community today, be sure to explore beyond this list. My top five presented below are too hard to rank one to five so let’s just call them the Top Five.

But the first I will mention is Netherlands duo, ANOTR. ANOTR have been making a name for themselves throughout the EDM scene since 2015. Although electronic based, ANOTR’s music transcends the concept of genre. They have proven time and again that they are beholden to nothing but their own creative impulse when it comes to their music. ANOTR even started their own label (NO ART) to drive the point home. They have enjoyed rapid fan growth through high energy performances and a consistent stream of amazing music. The boys in ANOTR are currently in the studio working on new music. Look out for them on all major digital music platforms.

The Los Angeles based Progressive & Techno artist “i_o” is another artist that has made an indelible impression on me. The stage name i_o belongs to producer Garrett Lockhart. Formerly known as Fawks, Lockhart has solidified his brand and style as i_o. Influences such as deadmau5 and UMEK can be heard in i_o’s music, but his unique creative flavor is unmistakably present throughout his work. Lockhart’s music has been described as “dark electro sounds with heavy techno grooves and deep evolving melodies”. That sound has resonated with millions of listeners and concertgoers around the world who are helping i_o become one of EDM’s high-profile artists. Lockhart is currently on tour with a string of performances lined up in the US, Canada, and China. Be sure to catch a show when he comes your way.

My favorite artists on this list is Los Angeles based G.H. Hat. After releasing 290 Classical tracks, this multi-genre performer/producer who has been described as a “Wizard with his versatility” decided to try his hand at EDM. Starting off with a bang his first two EDM Instrumentals, “Primal” and “Joyogistic” climbed the Soundcloud charts, then his first two vocal releases “I Got a Problem (I Wonder…) [feat. Mickey Shiloh]” and “Sukiayki (feat. Alina Renae)” both charted within the top 20 of Billboard’s Dance Club Songs (Top 50). Keeping the momentum going, he promptly released a second version of “Sukiyaki” featuring the Japanese superstar Eriko Tamura. G.H. Hat considers himself a forerunner of a new style of electronic music which he describes as “danceable and listenable”. And indeed, it is. Whether you love catchy melody or rhythmic dance music, you’ll love G.H. Hat. “Sukiyaki”, following on the heels of “I Got a Problem (I Wonder…)”, tells us that G.H. Hat is no “one-hit-wonder”. And G.H. Hat, currently in the studio cooking up new tracks expected for release in 2020, is definitely one of the most anticipated acts in the EDM arena in 2020.

Next, we have Australian born GG Magree. GG is one of the most sought-after trap/bass stars in the business. Her relentless club anthems and girl-next-door image have lifted her from small-time DJ to playing massive shows around the world and collaborating with superstars like Pharrell, Azealia Banks, and Jauz. GG’s artistic prowess is undeniable, but her true genius lies in her jaw dropping concerts. This year she delivered captivating performances at Ever After Music Festival, Audiotistic Bay Area, and Prime Music Festival. She’s currently on tour and is slotted to perform at this summer’s mega EDM festival, Electric Forest.

Finally, we have the Los Angeles born and bred NuKid. This talented G-House artist gained international recognition after releasing his knockout remix of Alessia Cara’s “Wild Things”. His pounding beats and gritty basslines were also recognized by the EDM industry giant “Insomniac” when they named him winner of their Discover Project. Major artists like David Guetta, Malaa and Oliver Heldens have also highlighted him as an artist to watch. NuKid’s star is rising fast with the help of avid fans and performances at top festivals around the world. He is currently in the studio working on new music. Keep an ear out for it on all major music platforms.

I hope you enjoy these talented artists as much as I do. Take some time to check them out. I don’t think you’ll regret it. For more information about ANOTR, i_o, G.H. Hat, GG Magree, and NuKid, you can find news, tour dates, photos, and more on their websites and social media sites. If you’d like to hear their music, you can find them on major digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play.

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