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Fireside Dining Around Old Town

By the Gastronomes

Fireside Dining Around Old Town

We decided to step outside of the box going into the new year and instead of featuring the food and beverage from one local eatery we decided to impart some information to you all about the fireside dining that we have available in and close to Old Town Alexandria. While this is certainly not a complete list of those in the entire city of Alexandria, it is a good start. Look for addresses and contact information in the Dining Guide in this issue.


The fireplace in this joint sits back in a corner at the front of the bar and is accessible to fireside dining when you sit and one of the high tops. This is the place to enjoy good old bar food and a cold beer and talk to the locals.


Probably the most unique fireplace in Old Town, the Charthouse version is a beautiful copper circular version with the flames visible all the way around. This is the only place in Old Town that you can sit by a fireplace and have a waterfront view at the same time.

Il Porto

Il Porto is an Old Town icon that serves traditional Italian food in a cozy atmosphere complete with a traditional fireplace. This is the only eatery on the north side of 100 King that has a fireplace.

Magnolia’s on King

Magnolia’s is one of the newer establishments in Old Town and the fireplace is on the second floor so some of you may not have realized that they have one. The cuisine has a southern flair and the small bar is also on the second floor but worth the trek up the stairs.

Murphy’s Irish Pub

The oldest Irish pub in Old Town, Murphy’s has been famous for its wood burning fireplaces since 1978! With fireplaces on both floors. The one on the main floor is double-sided and the one upstairs is a three-sided open stone version. This is the place to belly up to the bar for a pint and take in some Irish tunes while you eat their Irish Stew!

O’Connell’s Restaurant & Bar

This popular Irish Bar is not only gorgeous and makes you feel like you’ve crossed the pond when you walk in the door, it has three fireplaces – one on each floor. The major portion of the décor is well over a couple of hundred years old and was shipped from Ireland. The food is upscale Irish with an American influence.

T.J. Stones Grill House & Tap Room

TJ’s Tap Room is a popular place to enjoy every sporting function known to man while having one of many craft brews they stock but it is also home to a beautiful stone fireplace located in the dining room while partaking of some hearty fare. There’s a nice wall that separates this room from the sports enthusiasts on the other side and that makes dining a bit more intimate.

Village Brauhaus

The Brauhaus is one of the new kids in town and has a definite “It’s Always Oktober Fest” feel when you walk in the door. This time of year is perfect for a good braut and some kraut in front of the fireplace. You might even find a good beer or two in this place!

La Trattoria

When someone says a place is cozy, this is the epitome of cozy. The fireplace is located on the bar side of the restaurant and is a nice touch especially when live entertainment is taking place in the window next to it. La Tratt has been under new ownership for the last couple of years but is serving Old Italian family recipes that the new owners have passed down through the generations.

Cedar Knoll

Cedar Knoll isn’t exactly in Old Town (8 miles down the GW Parkway) but we have to let you know about the fireplaces in this historic property that was once one of many that George Washington owned. Cedar Knoll has come back to life in the last couple of years and is serving amazing cuisine and fine cocktails that you may enjoy near a roaring fire.

City Kitchen

Like Cedar Knoll, City Kitchen isn’t exactly in Old Town (located in the West End) but we really like the fire feature they have in the restaurant. It isn’t exactly a “fireplace” but it is lovely to look at and you can sit in any of the booths in room and see it. City Kitchen is a lively locals kind of place serving food stuffs that are native to several cities across the U.S.A. And….some fabulous pizza!

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