Pets of the Month- December 2019

Pets of the Month – December 2019

Moose and Reed, Young, Spayed Female and Neutered Male, Black and Grey Long-haired Rabbits

Deep down, under all of those layers of fluff, Moose and Reed are cuddle-bugs are heart. Content to snuggle in the arms of their friends, these bonded buns are all about affection. Even the way the share their hay, each starting from one end like Lady and the Tramp, shows their sweet natures. So if you’re searching for a pair of pets with hair as big as their hearts, stop by the AWLA to meet Moose and Reed today.

Adoption profile:

Adoption information:

Moose and Reed’s Photo courtesy of Alison Lane Photography

Baby, Senior, Spayed Female, Gray Tabby Domestic Short Hair

People always tell me, “Baby, it’s cold outside.” To which I reply, “Yes, that’s why we should stay right here on the couch instead.” Although I’m not the Baby I was in my younger years, I find myself only improving with age. Like a finely-aged wine, my sweetest notes are only becoming more pronounced. Regardless of how you feel about sweet wine, you’re sure to love sweet me. As for my name, yes, I will still be your Baby because the more of your attention I get, the better. You can call me Baby, and I’ll call you best friend.

Adoption profile:

Adoption information:

Baby’s Photo courtesy of Alison Lane Photography

Ms. Sparkle, Adult, Spayed Female, Brindle with White American Pit Bull Terrier

Ms. Sparkle is looking for a best friend who will help her shine. True to her name, Ms. Sparkle’s multifaceted awesomeness radiates from her for everyone to enjoy. Looking for a smart pup who is always ready to learn new things? Ms. Sparkle is ready! Looking for a sweet pup who can’t stop wagging her tail when you call her name? Ms. Sparkle’s tail is wagging at the thought! Looking for a dog with the cutest ears? Look no further than Ms. Sparkle!

Adoption profile:

Adoption information:

Ms. Sparkle’s Photo courtesy of Alison Lane Photography

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