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Transitioning to Summer

By Kim Putens Transitioning to Summer With the change in weather comes adjustments in the way we care for and dress our skin.  For men, the changes may actually mean more work.  They may actually have to consider caring for their skin before heading out into the bright sun.  While, for women, these changes might mean less work – lighter skin care products and less make-up.  For women, the result may be a quicker routine. So, what must you do to get ready for summer?  For starters, get a really good sunscreen.  Consider two different types of sunscreen products.  One that is for maximum protection.  This would be a typical sunscreen product that you would use when playing sports and going to the pool or beach.  Another sunscreen product would be for every day.  This would be a light moisturizer with sunscreen.  A tinted moisturizer with sunscreen would be a good choice to add a little color, even out skin tone, and provide protection from the sun. Second, take a look at your skin care regimen.  Even the driest of skin types need to lighten up on skin care products in the summer.  I have dry, like the Sahara desert, skin in the winter, but in the summer my skin is much more moist due to the natural humidity in the air.  Be sure to switch up your skin care regimen to products that are more appropriate for the current climate.  Many products used during the winter months can be pore clogging in the summer.   Even though my skin is dry in the winter, I reach for much lighter moisturizers in the summer.  If you have combination skin, consider only using moisturizer at night.  Your skin may be naturally moist enough during the day that you may not need…

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