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Goldfish Swim School – Join the Wave

By Lani Gering

Goldfish Swim School – Join the Wave

While the Old Town Crier doesn’t typically write about franchised businesses in this space, I couldn’t help but want to tell you about Goldfish Swim School. I think it goes hand-in-hand with Mother’s Day as well as being a pretty cool addition to Alexandria. I met with Tommy Hamilton, the Regional Manager, for a few minutes to get a bit of local information and to check out the facility. Located in Alexandria Commons (formerly Hechinger’s Commons) mall in the 3100 Block of Duke Street – yes, they did indeed install a swimming pool inside the space that also houses the ABC Store and Glory Days Grill. I was amazed when I walked in. It is a total transformation from what is outside. I will let the accompanying photos tell the story. It truly is an amazing space. If I had kids, I would definitely consider enrolling them here just so I could go hang out in the space while they were getting lessons.

As with most businesses these days, the website for Goldfish has a wealth of information and rather than recreate what they have already so eloquently penned, I want to reference some of it here:

Goldfish Swim School was created by parents, for parents, with this goal in mind — to give kids the platform to build essential life skills that will help them make waves in life. We have created an inviting and safe place where kids overcome their fears, learn to swim, respect the water and have lots of fun while doing it. Our award-winning tropical environment and shiver-free pools are simply the fun backdrop for where kids do some serious growing and learning. So while they are focused on the serious stuff, your family will be focused on the fun. It’s what we call The Science of SwimPlay®.

It’s about momentum. Forward movement, growth. It’s about showing kids that they are something, will be something and, whether that’s the next president or a role in the school play, that something will be undeniably them. As parents, we know there’s no greater feeling than the pride that comes with witnessing your child accomplish new skills — that’s why we are always celebrating at Goldfish. Because every little dose of achievement adds up to big self-esteem. And after all, life is one big pool. At Goldfish Swim School, we are there to give kids the courage to dive in.

At our premier swim school, your child will learn everything they need to develop their swimming abilities and boost their cognitive development. Our amazing and patient instructors will teach your child how to swim in the shiver-free pool, and with our wide range of programs and classes, you’ll be able to find the perfect program for your family. We offer swimming lessons for infants, toddlers, and children between the ages of 4 months and 12 years old.

The Programs

Family Swim

Enjoy Tropical Family Fun All Year

Whether you want to help your children practice their swimming skills or your family needs some bonding time, a Family Swim is a great way to spend an afternoon. Enjoy your day or evening in our shiver-free pool that’s heated to a pleasant 90°.


Creating Lifelong Memories

From birthday parties to summer kickoffs, nothing says “party” like a warm pool that’s exclusively decorated for a boy or girl’s special day. Goldfish Swim School can put together the party of your child’s dreams and take care of all of the details, setup and cleanup for you.

Parties that include 24 guests or less are coordinated by two certified lifeguards that will also help with the event. We’ll plan to have additional lifeguards if you’d like to invite more than 24 guests.

Swim Force

The “Golden Experience”

Competition and teamwork build character. Students who progress through our Pro Level swim classes will receive a unique opportunity to join Swim Force. This fun and friendly competition experience provides children with the motivation they need to continually improve their skills. This swim team environment also allows for character-building at the heart of our “Golden Experience.”

Jump Start Clinics

The Fastest Way to Achieve Your Goals

Goldfish Swim School’s unique Jump Start Clinics are specially designed for families looking to get their kids water-ready in a hurry. They’re a great way to introduce kids to the fundamentals of water safety, take full advantage of school vacations, get peace-of-mind before a water-centric vacation or even start the journey to an Olympic gold medal. These clinics are so effective, they guarantee you’ll see significant improvement in your child’s swimming skills in just four or five short days!

The Perpetual Lessons model includes:

-One lifeguard certified instructor for every four children

-Year-round swim lessons for children 4 months to 12 years and for swimmers of all abilities

-The proprietary The Science of SwimPlay® Curriculum focuses on teaching swim and safety skills while building character through guided play

-Flexible scheduling to accommodate even the busiest family’s schedule

-And much, much more!

May is Water Safety Month!

Recently, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) announced that it has published updated recommendations on water safety to prevent drowning in children. As parents and founders of Goldfish Swim School we too are committed to education on water safety. We commend the AAP for making these very important changes. We appreciate the attention put on the value of swim lessons being beneficial for children at a young age, in addition to the importance of vetting experienced swim lesson programs and well-trained instructors.

As drowning remains the number one cause of injury-related death among children ages 1-4, we must all work together to provide education, resources, and lessons for prevention.

As Goldfish Swim School continues to expand its footprint across North America, our number one focus and main priority will remain the same – education children on water safety while teaching them how to swim and respect the water.


Chris and Jenny McCuiston


Goldfish Swim School

3155-B Duke Street



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