Pets of the Month

Pets of the Month

Cali, Spayed Female, Senior, Calico, Domestic Shorthair

Cali will warm your heart and your home with her presence and affection.  She will be absolutely devoted to her humans, especially the ones who know where the treats are. This older calico girl needs a bit of extra attention and care from her humans. Cali is in diabetic remission and suffers from kidney disease. She needs daily under the skin fluids, which only take a few seconds to inject. She’s used to injections so doesn’t make a fuss about it. We’ll make sure you know exactly how to do this before you take her home. Cali is well worth the extra effort to keep her healthy. Once she gets past some initial shyness, gets used to her new home and humans, you’ll learn what a sweet and adorable girl she is!

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Photo courtesy of DeSilva Studios

Emma, Spayed Female, Adult, Black and Tan, Doberman Pinscher

Meet Emma, a well-mannered, darling lady! Her 2019 goal is to find a lovable new family. If she was a dessert, she would be a warm apple pie – comforting and sweet! Her perfect day would include indulging in a special treat or two and a calm, relaxing evening with her family. She’s a sensitive gal, and would love to be in a home that helps her connect with her inner zen. Once she gets to know you though, she’ll be your biggest cheerleader! If you’re looking for an intelligent and sweet companion, Emma is ready and waiting

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Photo courtesy of Dirty Paw Photography

Speedy, Female, Adult, Red Ear Slider

When Speedy isn’t zooming around her tank, she spends her time basking under her heat lamp and playing with her toys!  A curious gal, she always greets new friends, unless they stop by during nap time of course.  Her favorite toys are ones with shrimp treats inside and her favorite people are the ones who give them to her!

Adoption profile:

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Photo courtesy of DeSilva Studios

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