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May Pet’s of the Month

Stanley – Boxer, Neutered male, 6 years old

Stanley has the cutest little tail and a goofy grin that makes him stand out in the crowd. Although not a fan of other dogs, this country boy LOVES people! He adores pets and affection from his people. And… his favorite people give him treats of course, especially pup-accinos (whipped cream)! Stanley recently went on a field trip with some of his favorite volunteers, they stopped at The Dog Park for treats, had lunch at District Taco, and went for a stroll in Belle Haven Park. It was a fun day for Stanley to make new friends, share some tacos, and practice his many new tricks. Stanley’s favorite part was riding in the car and sticking his head out the window with his floppy ears dancing in the wind! If you are looking for a boxer boy to melt your heart and keep you laughing, Stanley is the handsome boy for you!


**Thanks to a generous donor, my adoption fees have been paid!**


Annie – Domestic Shorthair, Orange/White Tabby, Spayed Female, 3 years old


Annie is currently staying in our VIP suite! This Very Important Purr has all of the makings of an amazing feline! Annie loves affection from her people and absolutely adores chin scratches. Ear scratches are great too! When she isn’t soaking up the love, Annie can be found exploring and rolling around in catnip like it’s a pile of dollar bills. She is the silliest little lady! As light-hearted and giggle inducing as Annie can be, she would prefer a calm, adults only home where she can “zen” out and recharge. Annie has lived with children and other animals before, but this time around she would like to be your one and only love bug. Her bubbly, adorable self really shines through when she can relax and soak up all of the affection a person can give. Annie has won the hearts of all of the AWLA staff and volunteers, she cannot wait to steal your heart as well!


I am a VIP! That means that I come with my very own swag bag filled with all of the things I need, including a litter box, food, bowls, toys, beds, and a carrier to take me home with you!

Crash and Squirt – Green Turtles, Females, 7 years old


Crash and Squirt are adorably goofy turtle gals who have stolen all of our hearts here at the AWLA! They have the sweetest faces and the best expressions, which make everyone crack a smile when they visit their tank to say hello. They are friendly, silly, and ready to find a new home with you!


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