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Holiday Greetings “On the Interwebs”

Holiday Greetings “On the Interwebs”

By Ashley Schultz

The Holiday’s are always a busy time of the year! You have presents to buy, cookies to bake, parties to attend, and finally you have to send out those time consuming cards! You have to do this all while still living your regular day-to-day life!

Now with the help of the Internet, you can create and send out cards to your contact list in just a few clicks! Yes, there are tons of E-Card sites, and it is hard to pick out the best but I am here to help.

The following are some of my favorite, top-quality electronic card services that are a mix of free and premium, animated and static, interactive, and traditional digital greetings!


American Greetings: American Greetings has the largest selection of Holiday E-Cards, many which have animation and customization options including the ability to upload your own photos and put yourself into the scenery. They also have talking cards, which allow you to record your greeting in your own voice and have an animated character appear to be saying it. American Greetings does require a paid membership for most of its services.


JibJab: JibJab is definitely an E-card site that is for a humorous and personal type of E-Card. The cards are described as “Music Videos Starring You!” They specialize in humor, and many of their cards tell elaborate stories!


Jacquie Lawson: Jacquie Lawson is an illustrator who has built a large collection of animated Flash greeting cards with music. These are elegant cards and are very high quality. There is a yearly membership fee, yet is worth it if you want to send classy messages to your friends.


Sloppy Kiss Cards: Now for all the animal lovers out there, Sloppy Kiss Cards is for you! These are all dog and cats inspired cards, where our furry friends are shopping for presents, decorating the tree, and playing in the snow! You are also able to upload pictures of your own pets to give your card a personal touch!


Don’t forget that most social media sites also offer e-cards to post to individual pages!

Now take those Holiday cards off your list; and spend more time baking those cookies, going to those parties, and most importantly spending time with your family! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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