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Teadora Rejuvenating Red Clay & Scrub Masque

Teadora Rejuvenating Red Clay & Scrub Masque

What they say about this product:

This unique and powerful combination of clay masque and sugar scrub will gently detox and hydrate sensitive skin while improving elasticity and toning. Infused with powerful super-fruits and actives, this treatment will leave your skin smoother and brighter.

Packed with Teadora’s exclusive blends of powerful Amazon superfruits and anti-aging botanicals proven to bring out naturally glowing skin, this powerful scrub removes dead skin, smoothes, brightens and minimizes ingrown hair while infusing your skin with moisture, antioxidants, and anti-aging botanicals. The organic Sugar Scrub provides a more gentle detox & exfoliation for sensitive skin, formulated to work well for body and face.
This superfood cocktail for your skin includes RainforestYouth(tm) Elixir, a superfruit cocktail especially formulated with Açaí, Andiroba & Maracujá Oils. Our RedAmber(tm) Clay complex is made with an Exotic Brazilian Red Clay for which clinicals show 172% increase in elasticity and 34% in firmness when used at this level. Our YouthSpark(tm) Actives complex combines the power of Açaí, Babassu, Maracujá & Rice Bran to provide long-lasting hydration, revitalization, regeneration, and silkiness for younger-looking skin.

Teadora’s Scrub & Clay Masque features our 100% natural Amazonian Afternoon scent with exotic cattleya orchids, freesia and river cyclamen flowers, sparkling orange peel, savory green sage and delicate ylang-ylang blossoms.

Did it meet our expectations?

YES, YES, YES. It is rare that you find a beauty product that lives entirely up to its hype. Only one drawback is the packaging. The tube that they sell this in doesn’t have a wide enough opening to easily dispense the scrub. It is an effort to get enough in the palm of your hand to cover a decent area of your body. It was put to good use in the shower and used as an all-over scrub as well as on the face.

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