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All Psychics Are Not Created Equal

By Peggie Arvidson

All Psychics Are Not Created Equal

Many people believe that all psychics or readers are pretty much interchangeable. They think that they should all be able to talk to your pets, connect with your dearly departed as well as give you the details about your future. Not to mention they believe that all can read hands, tarot and use other psychic tools interchangeably.
Not so. Each has their own “specialty” and while some combine various skills and tools, others stick to their area of expertise.
In case you’re looking for a psychic or other reader, here are some rules of the road to help you before you go to your session.

1. Psychics can’t read for someone who isn’t there. It’s not ethical to read for a person who is not present and who hasn’t given their express permission to be read. If you’re going to a psychic to find out what someone else’s motivations are, just check that idea now. Instead, focus on your motivations and y our role in whatever situation you find yourself in and ask about that.

2. If you want someone to use a specific tool for your reading, ask before booking if the person uses that tool! If you want someone to use Tarot, say so, just don’t presume that they use cards for your reading. It will save you and them time and energy if you know ahead of time what you’re getting!

3. Be specific. When you go to a reader and don’t tell him what you want to cover during your session you’re likely to walk out feeling frustrated. Not because the reader doesn’t give you useful information but because YOU come in full of energy and messages. While most readers are going to listen to their guidance to give you the information that they are told you most need at that time, they are able to let you know whether it is or isn’t related to what you want to hear.

4. Readers can’t tell you everything. Life is full of twists and turns and you have the ability to change your mind and make different choices along your path every step of the way. If a reader shares with you a particular, likely outcome of a current situation, it’s based exclusively on the energy you have at that moment. If you wake up the next day with a desire for a big change, you may change the trajectory of their “prediction.” That doesn’t mean they were wrong, it just means you made different choices. Think of it this way, if Spirit, through your psychic took the time to tell you EVERY POSSIBLE outcome for any particular situation, you’d be in that session for days and days.

5. Time is a human construct. It’s not real. Therefore when you ask for time-frames from your psychic she’s at a disadvantage because Spirit doesn’t use a calendar or a clock the way you and I do. Therefore, take any timing guidance as a rough estimate, not an engraved guarantee. Not only can you make different choices which alters outcomes (as discussed in #4) Spirit also has no real understanding of the time frames we live in.

6. Ask for assistance in healing or making choices more in alignment with your goals, rather than asking for predictions that things are going to work out. Again, Spirit’s lexicon is different than ours and they don’t see things in terms of good and bad. What feels like a set-back or a heartbreak for us, is part of the Divine plan that Spirit sees. Therefore when you ask if things are going to “work out,” Spirit knows that EVERYTHING always works out in your favor and they may simply answer ‘yes.’ However, when you ask, “What’s the best way for me to get the most joy out of my current situation?” or “What can I do now to ensure that the best outcome for all involved is reached with grace and love?” you are likely to get details that can help you move ahead.

7. Run everything through your own personal B.S. meter. I always say that my favorite clients are those who are open but skeptical. They don’t simply take what I tell them as gospel, just because I told them so. If they don’t understand what I’m sharing or they need more clarification, they ask. In this way the reading is co-creative and deeply effective for them.

8. Take action on what you learn. A reading is only as good as what you do with the information. If you go to a reader and ask for the steps to the best possible outcome for all involved in your job search and then you go home and sit on the couch, waiting for the right job to come to you, I guarantee you won’t have the best possible outcome. Your reader works with Spirit working with you – you are the central figure here and as long as you are able to breathe, you are required to take action on your own behalf!

Now that you know that not all psychics are the same and you have some great tips for getting the most out of your reading! Enjoy all that autumn has to bring to you.

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