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100 – Day Stay Cats

Bob is one big, bold boy in search of a new best buddy. Bob is partially blind, but he doesn’t let that slow him down! He gets around great and needs no special care. During a stay with a foster family, he used his litter box like a pro and took to the apartment in no time at all. Bob is the first kitty you’ll spot when you enter the cat room at the AWLA, and even if he doesn’t see you come in, this friendly boy will meow a welcome. Thanks to a generous donor, Bob’s adoptions fees have been waived.

Mya is the independent lady of the AWLA: a fun, spunky and vocal feline favorite of staff and volunteers. Mya recently took a break from the shelter to spend some time with a foster family, who reported that she settled in well at their home and loved waking at dawn with her foster mom. If you’re an early riser seeking a morning coffee companion, consider this kitty.

McMuffin was found as a stray outside a fast food restaurant and brought to the AWLA by an Old Town citizen. This senior gent recently enjoyed a stay with a foster family where he received love, attention and all the toys you can shake a feather stick at. He made friends with the family cats, but he is also happy to watch the world go by the window. McMuffin get a lot of attention for his unique look – a curled ear and freckled nose – and he’s hoping his endearing appearance will help him find his new family. Thanks to a generous donor, McMuffin’s adoptions fees have been waived.

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