From the Old Town Crier

From the Old Town Crier

The US Virgin Islands hold a very soft spot in our hearts, most specially St. John. It is our favorite island getaway. We have long time friends living on the island who lost everything in the after math of both hurricanes Irma and Maria. Some of them transplants from Virginia. It is both heart breaking and surreal to have something so devastating happen so close to home. We have received emails from Alexandrians who have family who live on island that have no livelihood to go back to and others who own vacation homes on St. John and St. Thomas. Our very own Jeff McCord calls St. John home and was one of the lucky few who will be able to repair his home and be back to some semblance of “normal” in the next months. Only time will tell.
We thank God that everyone we know are safe and physically unharmed but their lives are changed forever. The people on the islands are pulling together and are “VI Strong” as they help each other get back on their feet. We encourage you to make a donation to the rescue/repair effort in any capacity that you can and plan a trip in the future and give these island communities a bit of an economic boost!

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