From the Old Town Crier

From the Old Town Crier The US Virgin Islands hold a very soft spot in our hearts, most specially St. John. It is our favorite island getaway. We have long time friends living on the island who lost everything in the after math of both hurricanes Irma and Maria. Some of them transplants from Virginia. […]

Caribbean Apocalypse and Recovery

Caribbean Apocalypse and Recovery By Jeff McCord Natural catastrophes bring out the best and worst in people. Most band together, help others and even risk life and limb to save strangers from harm. A few, though, prey on weak individuals and the weakened society. By any measure, Category Five plus Hurricane Irma inflicted catastrophic damage […]

National Harbor

By Lani Gering   Man…Oh…Man…..looks like it’s going to be a quiet month around here until the Halloween celebration on the 29th! In fact, I’m not sure I have enough material to work with to fill a whole column. I guess what is really happening is that everyone is taking a deep breath and preparing […]

What’s The Buzz?

What’s The Buzz? This August, Gaylord National acquired four Langstroth beehives to harvest its own honey on the resort’s rooftop. The hives will house 10,000 to 12,000 bees per hive when fully active with hopes of producing 120 pounds of honey by the 2018 spring harvest to infuse into various food and beverage offerings. The […]

Publishers Picks: VA Wines

Publishers Picks: VA Wines By Bob Tagert Nancy has told you about one of her favorite winery excursions in her Grapevine column and that inspired me to tell you about a trek that I encourage you to take as well. In this short piece I will hit on a few of our favorite wineries and […]

Hank’s Pasta Bar

By G & T Hank’s Pasta Bar Rustic Chic Italian In Old Town Alexandria With the temps beginning to cool and the introduction of their new fall menu, we decided to go to Hank’s Pasta Bar in Old Town for this months restaurant showcase. Having opened in February of 2016, Hank’s has made an impact […]

Publisher’s Notes

By Bob Tager Here we are over a week into fall with summer still trying to hang on. Temperatures were in the high 80’s to low 90’s the last full week of September, however, while driving through the Blue Ridge mountains a week ago I noticed that the light yellow leaves were changing and beginning […]

Rules to follow when using Social Media Marketing

Rules to follow when using Social Media Marketing By Ashley Schultz It can be scary and challenging when entering the world of “Social Media” marketing for the 1st time! Success with social media and content marketing requires less talking and more listening. Read your target audience’s online content and join discussions to learn what’s important […]

Publisher’s Notes

By Bob Tagert Well, we have made it to the last month of summer and the air temps are beginning to cool off as the temperature of the country continues to rise. Maybe fall and winter can become a cooling off period. This month’s Road Trip is a blast that takes you to a museum […]

Linda K. Glover- It ain’t about the dress.

By Bob Tagert Linda K. Glover- It ain’t about the dress. I have said it numerous times, “Ever since we started writing about personalities thirty years ago, I am continually amazed how many interesting folks we have met”. We have met them everywhere but, like this month, our profile is about another person we met […]