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September Pets of the Month

Bob the Cat

Meet the bodacious Bob! This big, beautiful boy is looking for a best buddy who loves munching on tasty snacks and napping the day away. Bob is partially blind, but don’t let that label fool you! He gets around great and needs no special care, just an extra-large litter box. During his stay with a foster family, he got the hang of their apartment in no time at all.


Bob’s adoption fees have already been paid by a generous donor, so if you are looking for a comical cat to relax and unwind with after a long day, Bob is ready to chill with you!


Handsome Mugsy is so named because his sweet mug will melt your heart and make you smile! His favorite people have fingers that smell like hot dogs, and he makes quick friends over lunch. Mugsy has the best ears for rubbing and the warmest brown eyes that you will ever look into! If you are looking for a soulful hound dog to make your heart sing, Mugsy is your man!


Lolita is a friendly bunny who loves attention and munching on fresh produce. She is living it up in a foster home where she has a Siberian husky as her best buddy! Lolita adores playing with toys and carrying around her hay ball.


Lolita is available from a foster home, so if you’d like to schedule a time to meet her, please call 703-746-4774 or email

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