Notes from the Publisher

Publisher’s Notes

By Bob Tagert

Well….we made it through a topsy-turvey weather month in May. From the 90’s and breaking out the shorts to the 60’s and finding the fleece. Those two days in the 90’s were a taste of what is to come. It is a good time to head to the cool mountains, and that is just what we did for our road trip this month.

Memories of going to camp as a kid came crashing back as we attended the first “Camp Runaway” for adults. We ventured to Camp Tall Timbers in High View, WV along with 25 other adults. Just as much fun as kid camp only with cocktails, cigars and we could swear! Check it out in Road Trip.

Douglas Coleman takes us back to 1861 in Civil Discourse when the Union Forces occupied Alexandria and constructed Fort Ellsworth for defense against the Confederates.

Old Town has gained a new celebrity chef when Myron Mixon opened his Pitmaster Barbeque restaurant at 220 North Lee Street. Read about it in Dining Out.

I interviewed Jamey Turner for the second time in our almost 30 years in business for Personality Profile. Many of you know him as the “King of the Glass Harp” who entertains all who walk through the corridor at the Torpedo Factory. Hard to believe he has been around longer than we have!

Check out the piece on the North Beach American Film Festival in the From the Bay section…it is sure to be interesting and entertaining.

If you are thinking about a winery to visit, check out our friends in Northern Fauquier County and especially the new brewpub at Barrel Oak Winery – I’m sticking around to try a brew when I do distribution in that neck of the woods.

Don’t forget to celebrate dad on Father’s Day on the 18th. You might even want to consider taking him to the 7th Annual Beer Fest in St. Mary’s County on the 24th (see their ad in the Bay Section). My dad has been gone for several years but I still think of him often. If he were alive today I might just take him to the fest!

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