Featured Post, Notes from the Publisher

Publishers Notes

By Bob Tagert

publishers-notes-12-16-1     Well we barely made it through an election and are coming up on the end of 2016. Lord knows what our world will be like next year this time, but I for one have had enough of political discord. Let us all look forward to the holiday season and time with those we love.

If you are out shopping check out some of the offers in the ads in this issue and shop locally. There are a bunch of great stores in Old Town. If you are looking for that gift that keeps on giving, look at the Pearmund Cellars ad on the inside back cover. For $199 you can order the twelve wines of Christmas for the holidays. If you order it for someone else, make sure that they like to share because there are some very good wines in this package. Speaking of wines, Happy 3rd Anniversary to our friends Bill and Caroline Ross and River Bend Restaurant and Wine Bar.

For this months Road Trip I stayed in Alexandria as is my habit in December. I like being home for the holidays. This is a beautiful town that is changing rapidly. There is new development on the waterfront while three burger restaurants are within 5 blocks of each other. Speaking of that, think about Old Town when you set out to celebrate the holidays and when hunger strikes or you an adult beverage of your choice there are all kinds of great restaurants and bars to choose from. Our favorites are all advertising in this issue!

Many thanks to you all for reading us and to all who support us with advertising dollars. We wouldn’t be where we are if it weren’t for all of you. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday season!

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