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Publishers Notes

By Bob Tagert

As we were putting the finishing touches on the November issue, our designer’s computers crashed, which set us back three days. However it did give us the chance to attend the Halloween party at Stoney’s Broomes Island. Here I am with Jeannie Stone or more affectionately…”Puss in Boots”. It was a great way to end the season and welcome in fall.

pub-notes-1            As we approached November, I was pleased to see that this Halloween weekend the sky was clear and the high temps in the mid 70’s…one last sail before putting the boat up for the winter. As the changing colors of the leaves reach their peak in the early weeks of November, it is a great time to make a final trip to the Virginia wine country and enjoy the clear crisp air and a glass of Virginia’s fine wines. Our spread on the Wineries of Northern Fauquier County shows you the best wineries to visit. It is also an excellent opportunity to try a few wines before making your choices of what to buy for Thanksgiving dinner and for consumption over the holidays.

Now is also a good time to pick a getaway to kick off the holiday season. Most kickoff events in this area occur during the first weekend in December. Check out the ad for Tula’s in Little Washington for a very special event. The holiday festivities kickoff in Culpeper on November 20th, Check out the ad in this issue as well as the shopping and dining available. Our very own Alexandria will be starting up the season with the tree lighting after Thanksgiving.

Remembering Veteran’s Day this month, I took a road trip to the different War Memorials in the metro area. Hop the metro and see these impressive works of art for yourself.

Check out this month’s Dining Out and the consistent RT’s on Mount Vernon Avenue. Doug Coleman keeps digging up little known facts about the Civil War in Civil Discourse. This month the Confederates attempt to cut off shipping to Washington, D.C.

Please be sure to get out there and vote! This is a pivotal Presidential race as are several of your local seats.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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